Hi Everyone,

The events of last week with our superintendent resigning with a buyout contract worth $400,000 has outraged me! I hope you have felt the same way. Three of the five board members (Mary Borevitz, Alan Brown, and Sharon Jenkins) voted to accept Dr. Ed Brand’s resignation. It appears, as noted in the San Diego Union Tribune, these three have opposed several things Dr. Brand wanted to implement in our school district. We are asked constantly to support our school and buy needed supplies for our children’s classrooms, which I am happy to do. But when excessive amount of money is spent first to hire someone and then a year later to buy out his contract, needless to say I am a little upset. We all put so much time, energy, and money into our school, I think we need and deserve an explanation!

I have sent an email to the acting superintendent, Kevin Holt, expressing my concerns and asking for an open forum board meeting with the five board members. I ask each of you to either email Kevin Holt (kevin.holt@smusd.org) or write him a letter expressing your concerns in this matter and also asking for a meeting with the board. One voice does not carry as much volume as many voices!! I also ask you to forward this email to other parents you know in our district including at other schools. I am hoping with numerous emails/letters we can get a meeting and find out why this happened.

I have attached my email I sent to Mr. Holt so you can see what I wrote. Please, please take a moment to also write one. We need to stand together and show the board we do care where and how our money is spent!! I know some of you have had other issues with the school/district, if we stand together we can accomplish more!

Please call or email me if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Erica King
Concerned Parent for Better Education

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