Rattle Snake in Crest View Backyard

Crest View Rattle Snake

San Elijo Hills it’s snake season, These picture were taken in Crest View on 5.31.07.

We certainly don’t want to scare anyone by sharing this, but San Elijo Life felt it was important to keep in mind that this DOES happen in SEH and can happen to anyone. Please remember to check out your yards before you and your kids go out!!

This is a great link on rattle snake safety from Escondido Fire Department.


  • Thanks for the link. It was quite helpful.

  • Just ran into one (literally) while trail running by the radio tower. He/she was stretched out in the middle of the main marked trail. Because I was running and coming around a corner, I didn’t notice the snake at first. I was very lucky not to get bit- have to be careful even on the main drags (especially when running or jogging). It sounds silly but sometimes I get so used to a path I forget that others may be sharing the road.

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