9th Annual Garage Sale and Charity Event In San Elijo Hills & Old Creek Ranch

San Elijo Hills GARAGE SALE

9th Annual Garage Sale and Charity Event In San Elijo Hills & Old Creek Ranch

Brought to you by the Jonville Team

Saturday, May 17th, 2014: 7 am – 11 am

San Elijo Hills Garage Sale for a pre-summer cleaning organized by the Jonville Team.  

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: To include your home as a participant, please complete the participation form by Monday,May 12th, 2014 – 6 pm.

Like last year, there will be a $10 participation fee. 100% will be donated to the San Elijo Schools and another charitable cause (Girl Up, a club of San Marcos High School Students supporting women and children’s education in developing countries). One of our team members will visit you during the event to collect your $10 donation and drop off a map of the event.

We thank you for your generosity & participation.

This year, AMVETS has offered to pick-up items that participants did not sell during the event and wish to donate.  If you are a participant and wish to have the AMVETS truck come by your home after the event, please indicate it in your sign-up sheet. The Jonville Team will inform AMVETS of the participants wanting a pick-up. They will try to complete their tour the same day. More information about AMVETS at www.teamamvets.com 




The Jonville Team members will be distributing maps & list of items

for the shoppers, May 17th, starting around 7am at 3 places:

ð Corner Archer & Elfin Forest

ð East side of the SEH Fountain (facing 1257 San Elijo Rd.)

ð Corner Questhaven & San Elijo Rd.

$1 donation per map will be appreciated, to benefit the SEH Schools



The Jonville Team in San Elijo Hills

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