A Report on San Elijo Hills Disaster Preparedness Forum

San Marcos Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Scott McClintock provided and informative and locally relevant presentation to 20 San Elijo Hills residents on Thursday 5.15.08

Rank of disaster risks for San Elijo Hills & San Marcos area:

#1 Risk for San Elijo Hills is fire

#2 Impact to Water Supply

#3 Earthquake

#4 Hazardous Material Spill (chemical plant in La Costa Meadows, but they have a good on site spill team)

#5 Terrorism


San Marcos fire chief has was influential in the good fire design of San Elijo hills, wide streets, building materials, layout etc..did not get fire sprinklers in homes nor encapsulated eves (Achilles heel of tile roof homes).

Biggest fire threat is a fire coming out of Coronado hills area.

People die in fire because they don’t get warning, make sure you register telephone numbers and e-mails at www.alertsandiego.org

  • Reverse 911 mapping of who gets call is not a perfect science
  • Have a list of what to pack
  • Keep shoes under bed
  • Turn car around and get ready
  • Stretch out your garden hoses
  • Pull patio furniture away from house
  • Turn on Lights
  • Bring medication
  • Leave early to avoid traffic
  • Call 211 in you need info
  • Tune radio to KOGO AM 600
  • Sign up for Ultra Local SEH Twitter updates from this site


  • Shoes, radio, and flashlight under your bed..you spend 33% of your time in bed
  • Shut off gas, have a wrench stashed at meter
  • Don’t drink pool water
  • 3 days is the bare minimum of food & water (Costco San Marcos has a sealed bucket of 275 servings of food and supplies with 20 year shelf life, but will need to be able to boil water)
  • List in front of phone book on what you will need to survive at home
  • Store bottle water..make sure you rotate as plastic water as it has a one year shelf life


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