AB1817 (Atkins) — unanimously passed the full California Assembly

guest post from Kristal Jabara San Marcos City Council Member about Assembly Bill 1817 — This week AB1817 unanimously passed the full California Assembly.

Assembly Bill 1817, which will add commercial computer technicians to the list of mandatory reporters of child abuse and neglect was introduced by California Assembly Member Toni Atkins of San Diego.  AB 1817, was sponsored by the local grassroots group CA Keeping Innocence Digitally Safe and would require a report to be made by computer professionals when they have knowledge or observe a child who appears to be under 16 years of age being subject to sexual conduct on an electronic medium.

Learn more at http://www.cakidscoalition.com/index.html & http://www.aroundthecapitol.com/Bills/AB_1817/20112012/

The CA K.I.D.S. (Keeping Innocence Digitally Safe) Coalition are members from Community, Parental, Law Enforcement and Child Abuse & Neglect Organizations advocating for children’s safety and protection in the state of CA.

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