Cal State San Marcos has issued a shelter in place

Cal State San Marcos has issued a shelter in place order due to a possible suspect with a weapon on campus. 

Report of suspect on campus, possibly carrying a weapon. White male, bald, in black shirt & jeans. Police are performing security sweep.

Cal State San Marcos Police (Tweet) Attention Personnel in Science Hall 2, law enforcement is making entry into your building. All Campus remain locked down and sheltered. Thank you, Cal State San Marcos Police

UPDATE-CSUSM has been issued an all clear. Police have made contact with suspect, who was unarmed. The lockdown has been lifted. It was an umbrella


Community: Report of Gunman at CSU San Marcos Unfounded

There were reports of a possible sighting of a gunman on the campus of Cal State San Marcos this morning. Deputies determined that the report was unfounded and the man was actually carrying an UMBRELLA. There is no danger to anyone on campus.

The call came in just before 9:00 a.m. The witness told deputies
a 30 to 40-year-old man with a shaved head, wearing a black shirt and jeans was carrying what appeared to be a long gun on campus.

Deputies from the San Marcos Sheriff’s Station immediately responded and set up a perimeter. They searched the campus and found the man fitting the description and determined he was not carrying a gun, but an umbrella.



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