City of San Marcos to offer free sandbags to protect against flooding

As forecasters are calling for heavy rain over the next few days, the City of San Marcos is offering residents free, fill-your-own sandbags help protect streets from flooding and soil erosion.

The sandbags can be filled and picked up at the southwest corner of the Public Works Division parking lot located at 201 Mata Way. Maximum 20 bags per resident.Due to prolonged drought, San Diego County is dry most of the year leaving the area more susceptible to impacts of inclement weather. Heavy rains can cause severe soil erosion especially in areas not covered by lawns, trees, shrubs and plants. Water runoff, and especially mud and debris flows, can damage individual homes and properties and create even wider destruction by flooding roadways and clogging storm drains and culverts.Residents can also take simple precautionary measures to stay safe in the event of flooding. First, never cross a flooded roadway if you cannot see the pavement. During and immediately after heavy rainfall, do not go near storm channels, creeks or streams. Even a few inches of running water moving at the right velocity can sweep a car and even a truck, and its occupants off the roadway.Finally, during severe weather events, emergencies or traffic events, visit and follow the City’s Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with the latest safety information.

For more information about the City’s sandbag program, please call the City’s Public Works Department at (760) 752-7550.

To learn more about soil erosion and how to protect your property, please visit

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