Internet safety videos now available

A news conference was held this morning to unveil two public service announcements produced by the San Diego Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Law Enforcement Task Force. The City of San Marcos is an active member of the working group and helped produce the videos, which are a major milestone in the region’s fight against internet crimes against children (ICAC).

The goal of the video project is to help address, prevent and ultimately stop internet crimes against children. The first video focuses on reaching parents with the message about the dangers of internet crimes, and offers tips to keep kids safe. The second video is aimed at reaching children and helps to explain that technology is great in the right hands, but can be dangerous in the wrong ones. Both videos features comments by Alicia Kozakiewicz who was groomed, lured and abducted by a 38-year-old internet predator posing online as a young teen boy.

The videos are available on the city’s homepage,

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