Interview with Mike Hunsaker candidate for San Marcos City Council

Here is an interview with Mike Hunsaker candidate for San Marcos City Council. San Elijo Life has invited all candidates for council the answer the same set of questions.

Why should the residents in San Elijo Hills vote for you?

San Elijo Hills is poorly served by the proposed General Plan, overly lavish employee perks, lagging infrastructure improvements and lack of transparency in government. I will address these issues with common sense solutions.

How can the council help address aggressive cut through traffic and school traffic in San Elijo Hills?

The lagging infrastructure needs to be reprioritized. Too much of the Redevelopment Agency funds that are supposed to go into infrastructure are being diverted into revenue supporting City labor costs. That needs to be reversed.

What is your position on Proposition K?

The need for Proposition K at the present time and conditions is undeniable. However, serious issues are present concerning why much of this funding is required. Mello Roos payments should have covered many of the needs. Where did that money go? Dig developers escape their fair share of impact fees? Why have known problems with asbestos and lead been allowed to continue in the schools over decades while more and more money was diverted into employee compensation? These issues are not being corrected.

How can the city of San Marcos work with San Elijo Development to complete the San Elijo Hills Town Center?

Employee pension expenses have exploded and are continuing on a steep upward curve. Most cities experienced just over 200% growth in pension costs over the last ten years. San Marcos experienced a 572% growth. Too much money is being diverted to fund this growth at the expense of such projects as these which better serve the community.

What is your position on changes to the San Marcos general plan?

I have analyzed the problems with this plan in depth on my website The proposed plan is not necessarily what the Council will see. The zoning ordinances underpinning the Plan have not been updated, the economic study identifying economic projections and the even the boundaries and designations of zones are undefined. Without these very basic definitions and concepts, the proposed General Plan is meaningless. Councilman Preston rightly opposed the expensive public forums which were more for political cover than informed citizen evaluations.

What is your position on future housing and commercial development around San Elijo Hills (Creekside District, and university area projects, recycling plant, Quathaven and Attebury road area)?

Commercial development near to San Elijo Hills is badly needed as well as better roads. Much of the Creekside District consists of redundant facilities which will be stressed to survive much less prosper. The recycling plant is a potentially valuable asset allowed to languish. Possible useful  alternatives would be an industrial center, a shipping center (which will provide tax dollars for road improvements), or even a large storage facility.

What are your goals to improve the quality of life in San Marcos, such as events, parks, and trails?

I am currently working in the Walnut Grove Park area organizing more community activities in that Park. My wife plans on helping with the Heritage Homes.

Would you care to comment on the recent excessive compensation concerns for San Marcos city staff?

I am a member of the San Diego Taxpayer Association who has been active in uncovering and monitoring the lavish pay and benefits given to City employees. I suspect that unless firm action is taken these costs will continue to skyrocket. A number of employees are eager to acquire lifetime medical benefits and higher COLA’s in retirement. These increases will bankrupt the City and consume every dollar leaving nothing for projects. All three labor contracts will expire in 2011. These Council is considering shifting to a multiyear budgeting plan which could conceal the costs of new contracts until after the 2012 elections. I have recently attended a special Taxpayer Association seminar on pension plans in the County. My report is on the website.

If elected what are the top 3 issues you would focus on for San Elijo Hills?

1.     More infrastructure investments, not more pension benefits (now already the most generous in San Diego County).

2.     More balanced commercial development meeting local needs for grocery stores, drug stores, home improvement outlets, restaurants, etc.

3.     Ensuring that new developments pay their fair share so that another Proposition K is needed again for what should be normal expenses.

How will you clean up the campaign signs after election? will they be recycled?

I have no campaign signs. My campaign works entirely off the Internet and is totally green.

Editors note all San Marcos, Calfifornia candidates are welcome to contact us to conduct an interview.


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