Live blogging attendance area meeting


Question and answer session

Asked- can we make K-8 charter school? If it was a charter school , enrollment would be open to all students in district.

The board said, It is a K-8 bc we do not have enough students to just build another middle school.
The board said they can not put 6th grade at San Elijo elementary or other elementary schools. If they did that, it would take away space for kids to play and safety is an issue.

Resident requests to delay vote on June 10th. Residents are not feeling fulling educated and informed by the board. The resident feels like this is being rushed.

A resident says you did a great job in outlying the density problems. But you did not ask how can we create an innovative solution and be collaborative to find a solution.

A resident states the bylaw requiring the board to follow an open meeting law and legally post agenda and meeting notes. You have not done this. Or I have not seen this.

Response – quoting two different Ed cos. your quote does not apply to this situation. The board asked the superintendent to get a committee together. Over crowding is a problem and safety is an issue.

A resident asked about site location? I feel the needs of residences were not being considered when deciding next steps.
Response – projected growth of kids, lots developed in future, where is population growing? Bottom line what property sites are actually available? There is just not a lot of sites available?

The board looks at district as a whole. They do not like to spilt communities. The board has an issue with too many kids and not enough space for those kids.

Resident – why are you bringing in non San Elijo Hills residents to San Elijo Hills schools and shipping out San Elijo Hills residents?

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