Live blogging San Elijo Elementary Attendance boundaries


One parent is voicing concern : bought into this community with the understanding their kids would go to the SEH schools. He lives in the new developments.

Mrs. Kalicki is running the meeting. It is a town hall feel. Lots of parents with questions.

A parent’s wife walks to school every day with their 7 children. Asked if a walking trail will be provided for SEH to be able to continue to walk to new school? Response. A good idea. Please note your comment on the card we provide and we will add it to the list to bring forward.

A parent suggested to split 2 schools K-2 and 3-5.

A parent stated : you bought into this community for the school the experience. She quoted stats
Discovery community 2,200 squ ft. 399k
San Elijo community 2,200 squ ft. 595k

API SEES – last year 944, year before 947

API Discovery – last year 899, year before 854

You divide the school lines in San Elijo Hills you divide the community!

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  • This is awful. We weren’t even informed of the meeting. When the built the Chase bank we got three hearing notices. Dividing the school district – no hearing notice???

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