Live Blogging San Elijo Hills Attendance Area meeting


Resident- will the PowerPoint from tonight be posted somewhere? Or your data collected for the residents to review?

Response- we will post something for your review either on the district website or thrum the schools.

Resident – can the kids in the San Elijo elementary age go to K-8 then when those San Elijo Hills resident kids move to middle school.. Can they go to San Elijo Middle and have the other elementary kids from Carrillo and la costa meadows go to to middle at the K-8.

Response – we will take that suggest.

Resident stated- why is the city still allowing to build so many homes? Where is the school district in this process ?

School district does not have authority to tell the city what to do. The school district does not have enough lobbyists to represent. The district can only work with what they can. The San Elijo Hills master plan was slotted for 3 sites. 2 elementary and one middle.
The developer price went up too high for the district to afford the property. The Belmont development was the last site the district tried to buy in San Elijo Hills it would have cost the district 15 million. At the time, the district did not have that money to spend. So they developer moved on.


  • “have the other elementary kids from Carrillo and la costa meadows go to to middle at the K-8” This resident’s question makes me worry about the traffic. If we are having the other kids go up over San Elijo road through our neighborhood to get to the K-8 school it makes the traffic worse than if they stopped at SEMS. It doesn’t make sense to me.

    • This option makes no sense to me either. I feel this would increase traffiic and it would result in safety issues. Many middle schoolers in my neighborhood walk to school. This would force them to walk an extra miile or two on roads that have additional traffic? This option would not be putting kids first.

  • I’m wondering what the back story was regarding the planned development of 2 elementary schools and 1 middle school in SEH? The concern was that the price was too high? Did the district consider Force Majeure for the third site? Seems pretty self serving for the developer to force a high price for a property to build the school as what was planned? This is the same developer who have made promises of developing the vacant lot in town square? Seems too late now.

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