Live Blogging school board meeting schoo boundaries

Live blogging 6/10/13. 9:29pm

The board is responding to the school boundary issue.

The board is requesting for the new principal to out reach to parents of affected families of k-8.
Next year the new principal will work on core curriculum and including music for k-8.

The board is now speaking on boundaries and expressing the understanding of how special and unique it is.

San Elijo Hills is too big to have all students of SEH go to San Elijo schools.

San Marcos is too big too.

Steve Bawn is one of the districts super star. Highest API scores in district and beyond the district.

Charlie the music director.. Is revolutionary!!!! This school will be topped ranked in the district. Te board is considering this k-8 school is in San Elijo Hills.

A parent is willing to commit a matching program up to 25k to the new K-8. This parent will be anonymous ..

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