Live Blogging school board meeting school boundaries

Live blogging 6/10/13. 8:46

The meeting is still going on. The formal presentation is complete.

It is now time for the public to speak about subjects of their choice.

A resident of San Elijo is speaking: she is not ok with pulling only 10% of San Elijo Hills. She feels it is not a community school unless you pull more residents from San Elijo hills to the K-8 school.

A resident of San Elijo hills is not happy with the method of providing information to the residents.
Did not feel the 2 parents were properly representing him.

Clarification from board- the proposed properties. Avocado field, property owned by development company and a 3rd one in same area on twin oaks valley road on the west side near fire station. All 3 properties are next to each other to make one big property.

A resident feels a community survey should have been distributed to San Eiljo.

Resident of San Marcos is concerned with how the city, board, and state work together to support the infrastructure?? Concerned with the creek side district and development. Concerned with bonds
Taxes and who will pay..??? How are schools going to accommodate ?

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