Local Girl Scouts join Vallecitos Water District in its war against sewer grease

Girl Scouts


San Marcos, CA – The next time Girl Scouts knock on doors in San Marcos it will have nothing to do with buying a sweet treat for yourself and everything to do with buying into a healthier environment for everyone.

This is because starting on April 13, 2014, girls from the organization’s Troop 4642 of San Marcos will be ditching the delicious cookies they usually sell to assist Vallecitos Water District in providing a community service by handing out free fat trappers to keep residents from pouring cooking grease down the drain and ultimately preventing sewer spills.

The fat-trappers, small containers housing multiple disposal bags to store used cooking grease, have been vital in the agency’s battle against excess fats, oils and grease that enter the sewer system to form blockages. Over time, these blockages can cause sewer spills which can pollute our creeks, lakes and beaches.

Although already free to the public, teaming up with troop 4642 will not only assist the girls in meeting their organization’s community education requirement, but will also assist the District in placing fat-trappers at more homes to further protect the environment.

Once the 8 and 9 year olds – who recently visited the District to receive background information on the community hazard caused by excess fats, oils and grease – complete their distribution of 45 fat trappers, they will receive a special Vallecitos Water District patch for their uniform and recognition from the District’s Board of Directors for their efforts at an upcoming meeting.

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