A North County Micro-Brewed Thanksgiving | Beer-Bottle Turkey

We’ve got a hot holiday culinary tid-bit that you might be interested in: Beer-Bottle Turkey. November is here, we’ve fallen back, and for many –  the bird is on the brain. Introducing the Beer-Bottle Turkey. Since San Diego has righteously earned the title of micro-brew capital of the U.S., what better place to showcase this season’s hottest turkey trend? And who’s got time for a turducken, anyway? This year, it’s all about a beer bird bath.

Brewmaster Chuck Silva of Green Flash Brewing Co., the second largest brewery in San Diego and nationally acclaimed Executive Chef Chad Tanner of San Marcos’s new beer geek haven, Sublime Ale House have come together to share the simplicity of basting your Thanksgiving bird with a menagerie of hops a la Green Flash. The complex flavor of craft beer makes for a truly juicy, golden Thanksgiving Day stunner.

What started out as an old school chicken tradition is now a modern trend of turkey trussing that marries the rich, multi-dimensional notes of micro-brews and turkey. Instead of a can, today’s version utilizes a 24 or 32 ounce mason jar – no lid required – filled with your favorite local beer.


•  Keep the turkey tightly covered for the first hour of roasting will make for tender, moist meat.

•  Be sure to baste (use a pastry brush to get every nook and cranny) the turkey every 15 minutes for the best flavor and color.

•  Make sure the turkey stands up right on the open jar to successfully incapsulate all the flavors

•  Create a rub with herbs and flavors that accent the notes of the brew

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