No more Music nights at the Isabelle Briens French Pastry Cafe

All SEH network readers got this email on Friday.

A Note From Isabelle Briens French Pastry Cafe:

Dear San Elijo Hills Residents & Customers

We want to thank San Elijo Hills community, customers and musicians for attending the music nights at the cafe, however last weekend was the final performance until further notice.
We are changing our hours: we will be open daily 7:00am to 6:00pm, with some changes when special events are scheduled. We continue to be excited about building a great relationship in the San Elijo community.
Isabelle & John

San Elijo Life Editorial

This is frustrating news as a large group in this community has called out for a pub, pizzeria, and restaurants..but they did not come out and support the music night at the Cafe?..Hills local



  • Spoke to the folks at the cafe, and they said there were two reasons for the decision. One, the City of San Marcos told them they could no longer have music without a permit, supposedly time-consuming and expensive. Second, they said that there simply wasn’t enough attendance at the shows to make it worthwhile to keep the cafe open. It’s sad on both counts.

  • Myself and most of my friends like a beer or cocktail when attending a live music event. Crowding into a coffee shop to hear music and not being able to bring drinks just did not appeal to us. That has nothing to do with weather or not we would go to a neighborhood pub or pizzeria. It would be nice to grab a beer and watch a game for an hour during the week, and there really isn’t a friendly place close by to do that.

  • No music in SEH

    I understand what you’re saying. I like going out for a drink and live music as much as the next person. But I also like kicking back with a cup of coffee and a nice desert, enjoying some relaxing music in a peaceful coffeehouse setting. And seeing as it’s going to be a loooooong time until we have a pizza place or a pub in San Elijo Hills, it’s too bad that we’re left with nothing.

  • Just wanted the Café owners to know that they are a large part of the reason that we’re about to close escrow on a home in Mariner’s Landing. We’d made the decision to move north from Carmel Valley, but had been limiting our search to Encinitas and La Costa. Then, our real estate agent suggested SEH. We were skeptical… our daughter is in college, and although we aren’t “old” by any means, a “young” community isn’t important to us anymore. However, we spent a Sunday in the village, a large part of it at the café, and we got such a good feel from the place and from the SEH residents that it completely changed our opinion. We’re looking forward to our move and more calories consumed among friends.

  • I can’t believe, they weren’t getting business. We went in on Friday April 4. and it was crowded, and loud. The band had large speakers, which weren’t necessary for the small area. There wasn’t enough tables with chairs inside, so we ate on outside patio in the back. We asked if they could light the fireplace since it was cold. They responded that they couldn’t. hmm……Maybe a lot of people were there, but were not ordering food from cafe.

  • I’m not for sure that any adult activity will ever be available in San Elijo Hills. Seems like the only activities that are available are related to children and animals. Adults can’t even have a beer in the park for which their tax money pays, but dogs can run free and children on every vehicle known to man enjoy the park. Not for sure when children and animals took over control of the world, but it has happened… least in California.

  • I don’t live in SEH but kudos to MAB!

  • Don’t forget that there is nothing better than getting a babysitter for the night and getting out of San Elijo once in a while. San Elijo IS about the kids and the pups, where else can you find it just about everything except a pub in a one mile square radius? I am sure if you are reading this that the last thing you’d want is a bunch of hammered people around your kids dropping F boms right and left. Sure its nice to sip beers at local events and stuff, but lets face it, there is nothing stopping us from having poker night with the boys in town, eh?

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