Notification of “NO STOPPING” restriction and enforcement on Brightwood Drive in San Elijo Hills

The City of San Marcos will start enforcing a “No Stopping Anytime” restriction on Brightwood Drive from Questhaven Road to the end of the cul-de-sac starting on Wednesday, August 24, 2011. The restriction will be in effect on school days, Monday through Friday, between 8 and 9 am and 2 and 4 pm.

Parents who use this location to drop-off and/or pick-up their school children should find an alternative location. Brightwood Drive residents and their guests are also subject to this enforcement during the restriction time.

The San Marcos Traffic Safety Commission directed City staff to implement this restriction at their July 2011 meeting after reviewing several complaints from Brightwood Drive residents about public safety, speeding and blocked driveways during San Elijo Elementary School start and dismissal periods.

For more information, please call the City’s traffic division at (760) 744-1050.


  • Does anyone else think that this was railroaded in by the City. There was suppose to be public forum before they decided to do anything. We should start a campaign to repeal this. Please call the traffic division, and city council about this decision and tell them about your dissatisfaction. With this decision they are restricting public access to a public trailhead.

    • There were several public meetings regarding this issue. It was not surprising that those same people that drive down Brightwood were too lazy to attend the many public meetings. It was, in large part, your inaction that got this passed, not to mention the strong evidence and numerous supporters that showed the city just how dangerous the situation had become. Sure, I can understand you’re annoyed. Now you know how it feels.

  • Joe,
    There was a hearing this summer. The only thing that doesn’t make sense is that the time starts at 8 and not 7 in the morning. The gate is still open and you can always walk along the sidewalks to get to the gate. There is no restriction to the access to the trail. In fact you can park next to questhaven park and access the trail off questhaven road too.

  • I was at the meeting where the traffic commission was going to recommend no to the city council about the residents request for a time lock gate. Every study done by the city reported no safety concerns. That included the fire marshall, sheriff, and traffic management for average speed. So I am wondering what changed from those studies that warrants restrictions to public access of a public trail and a street. And when and how were residents notified of theses meetings?

    • So no changes in the studies done by the sheriff, fire marshall, and traffic management yet the Traffic Safety Commission still puts the signage on the road. So now children will have to walk up the road and cross a busy intersection so they can be picked up. Doesn’t sound like a safer alternative to me.

      • Joe while I empathize with your concern, the safest solution for parents remains, which is dropping their children off and picking them up in front of the school.

  • I don’t live in Crest View, but I have passed by this area many times during school drop off & pick up while running on the trail and think “THANK GOD I don’t live in that cul-de-sac”. I feel for those families who have to deal with that amount of traffic right in front of their homes. I would worry for my children’s safety. I have seen cars speeding, double parked, parents not paying attention, etcetera… It’s chaotic and not fair to those residents. I live on the other side of Questhaven and I either drive or walk my child to school……..parents of other neighborhoods need to start respecting this restriction. I am happy for the Crest View folks!

  • Let the ticketing begin. Parents can park up on Clifftop since they didn’t impose restrictions there. There’s a gate at the top of clifftop that connects to the trail along San Elijo Road.

    • Jason, that’s just rude. You either don’t have children or you don’t care about the safety of other peoples children. These neighborhood gates were not put in for school drop-off and pick-up. I really don’t understand why it’s so hard for parents to drop their kids at the school or walk them……especially with the new construction changes.

      • What is rude? Wanting to see people who caused the problem punished for their actions or for passing the problem up to Clifftop? What in my message has anything to do with child safety? If parents wouldn’t speed down Brightwood, park in residents driveways, and double park in the cul-de-sac, there likely wouldn’t be any restrictions in place. These actions are more of a threat to child safety than issuing tickets. Your recommendation for parents to use the school is the best solution if parents don’t want to walk with their children to Questhaven park. There are nice new crosswalks in that intersection for people to use.

    • Did I misread your post? It seems to me that you are encouraging parents to use Clifftop instead of walking or dropping their kids at school. This is taking the dangerous environment from Brightwood into someone else’s cul-de-sac. What’s the difference? There should not be any school drop-off/pick-up activity of this magnitude in any residential area. It’s not fair and it’s not safe for those residents.

      • I solely presented a potential solution to those that have a problem with it. Other’s have posted to park at the park and walk the 1/4 mile down either Brightwood or the Garden trail. If people did that, I think the Crest View Residents would be much happier. What would a potential buyer think of buying a house that has parking restrictions (on brightwood) vs. clifftop. I’m guessing that it possibly lowers the value for those residents.

      • That “potential solution” is still unfair to the residents on Clifftop. It’s just shifting the problem……..not offering a solution to fixing a residential hazzard. I also don’t see how that would lower values……..If I was looking into that cul-de-sac and saw that there were restrictions during school drop-off/pick-up hours, I would be thrilled and see huge value in that. Residents can still park on Brightwood…….it’s just for a small window of time each day.

  • Great, thanks for shifting the problem to Clifftop.

    • The problem doesn’t have to shifted to Clifftop. Jason, if you would try, for just a second to realize that it’s really NOT that far to simply park at the park and WALK your child to the trail, then there is no problem. While your at it, you also might try to imagine what it would be like if your neighborhood were taken over and used as a school loading/unloading zone. It seems that you, and some others, would still rather selfishly have your way than consider the safety and tranquility of a neighborhood.

  • Really what it amounts to is poor planning on part of SEH developers and the City of San Marcos…people take the path of least resistance.

    • Right on Lynn! That’s exactly what is happening……..the lazy path of least resistance. I heard from someone yesterday that a parent, who dropped their child up at Clifftop, drove by the volunteer police with a sheepish grin and waved at them. What is this person teaching their child who is in the car watching this?! I was mortified when I heard about this behavior.

      • and what about residents on Brightwood that let their friends park in their driveway to pick up their kids? Don’t think it hasn’t happened. Alot of people are mortified about that.

  • Get over it Joe! We as homeowners have the right to have anyone we want on our property..Are you policing the street now? Find something better to do and accept the change because it’s too late and you had your opportunity to be heard when it would have mattered.

    • Amen Pat! I don’t live in this neighborhood, but these residents have the right to do anything on their property. Bottom line is that the large volume of dangerous traffic on this street is gone.

  • I can’t believe parents are still so upset about not being able to pick up and drop off their children on Brightwood Drive.This street is not your only option. Especially since the new traffic and parking improvements at the school are a success !!

    I walk some days on this street to take my children to and from school and it is so fantastic not having the excessive speeding and high volume of cars during these times. By not having the parked cars from the residents on the street, it has created a safer place for the parents and children walking and riding their bikes because there are no longer any blind spots. I feel safer with my children during these times.

    Thank you Brightwood Drive residence for making the sacrafice and compromise to create a safer place for my kids and the parents whom are walking to and from school. What kind of compromise are you making whom are still so upset?

    • Great comment Jennifer! The new construction down at the school has considerably cleared up the congestion and back ups. It’s SO much better to drop off and pick up now. My daughter walks down Brightwood with my neighbor 2 days a week and I am thrilled that she now has a safer place to walk!

    • Thank you Jennifer for being a voice of reason! Brightwood Dr. has not been safe for walkers since the school opened. With the new restrictions on Brightwood Dr I can now walk my kids to and from school in a safely. For those of you who do not apreciate the extra excercise please just try picking your children at the school and leave those poor residents alone. The new improvements at the school have made it very easy to drop off and pick up your students. The middle school is also very easy to drop off and pick up your children from. The High School students for the next 2 years must walk 1/2 mile to and from the student parking lot which is also the drop off and pick up area. Nobody is complaining ,even with the students carrying heavy backpacks. There are no lockers in middle school or in high school. We should embrace the extra excercise and be grateful to the residents of Brightwood Dr. Because of them there is a 4 way stop sign at the corner of Questhaven and Brightwood this was not a part of the original San Elijo planning. The residents fought for it for everyones safety. There is also a safe crosswalk now. Thank you to the Brightwood Dr. residents! I am so sorry to all of you for the continued badgering you are receiving from certain individuals.

    • I believe the street is much safer now. The crosswalk at the park is fine too. I walk my kids from Saverne/Azure homes, and love the non crazy traffic. Also, I drive and always drive safe by the park, or any park. People in the morning and afternoon know that kids are walking in the neighborhood. That’s in any neighborhood. There are other neighborhoods in San elijo that don’t have crossing guards for kids to cross the street, and they are not complaining. What also angers me is the fact that when the people’s kids grow up, and no longer need to be picked up at the end of the street or use access, they won’t care anymore about what happens at the end of the street. They need to stop being so selfish, It’s not all about them! The school drive up and pick up policy is fine and easy. And walking to and from home is great exercise. Teach your kids good habits and set positive examples.

  • By the way, there is a Repeal Brightwood petition circulating..It’s interesting to see that some of the signatures are from individuals who flagrantly disregarded children’s safety! i,e…children sitting on top of seats in a convertable..
    We will see what comes of the petition but I would venture to say that the people who signed the petition are the VERY reason no one is allowed to park there anymore…including residents! Nice going.

  • AND for those that just can’t bring themselves to walk down the street like the rest of us and don’t feel like it’s safe for your child to cross Questhaven, then by all means have your child continue along the trail BEHIND Crestview and pick them up at the Azure/Saverne gate!!! There’s parking there too and won’t infridge upon any neighborhood’s safety!!!

  • Sounds like Joe needs to make some friends on Brightwood.

    Here’s a thought for all the ones complaining: Arrive at the corner of Queshaven and brightwood 10 minutes earlier than you normally do. Park your car at the park and walk down brightwood or enjoy one of the many trails SEH has to offer. No more rushing around, no more bitching at the residents of brightwood (that are defending their safety) that you historically flew by in a mad rampage to pick up/ drop off your kid(s). What a novel idea exercise is. Put down the cell phones while you are at it – its illegal.

  • Although the signs have worked for the most part in the afternoon, now the traffic begins at 7am. People hauling ass down brightwood daily from 7-7:55am.

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