Restaurant/Café Opportunity In the Heart of San Elijo Hills

Restaurant/Café Opportunity In the Heart of San Elijo Hills

The former Visitor Center café/eatery space is available. Join the conversation at to let us know your suggestions for favorite type of eatery! Any prospects in mind, or wishing to open your own? Contact us today!
1215 San Elijo Road in San Elijo Hills
San Marcos, CA 92078
San Elijo Hills Real Estate
San Elijo Hills Real Estate
Ideally located in the picturesque community of San Elijo Hills, San Marcos/North County San Diego, this custom office/retail opportunity is located in the heart of the town center with commercial/mixed use. Café/restaurant opportunity on the ground level next to real estate office. (Office spaces/suites available as well, on the 2nd floor of this flagship building). Café/Restaurant ($6,000/mth+share of utilities): large dining room/bar, outdoor patio, enclosed picnic area & more! Furnished/equipped. Onsite parking. This property is the beautiful original Visitor Center building, just north of the Fountain in the heart of San Elijo Hills. The San Elijo Town Center area features many businesses: grocery store, bank, mail/gift shop, nail salon, eateries & much more. Easy access to freeways, minutes to the beach.
Upstairs office suites also available: various options and sizes (140 to 300+sf), $450 shared space to $2,000/mth, furnished, includes use of conference room, utilities, internet & building security system. Office space leases are triple net.


San Elijo Hills Real Estate
1215 San Elijo Road
San Elijo Hills

Nicolas Jonville
Phone: 760-471-5098
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  • It’s really too bad nobody can succeed there. I’d personally love a coffee shop. Yes, I know there’s a Starbucks inside Albertsons but that’s not quite a place I’d like to spend some time, read a book or meet friends over a latte. Bonus if they have fresh bagels. 🙂

  • Double bonus if they have decent service, which would put it a cut above the previous four failed enterprises in that space.

  • I wish someone would move in that offered early evening dinners for families. Sorely missing in this town, except for survivable pizza. We go ‘over the hill’ twice a week and would pay more to walk somewhere with variety. $6k seems really steep for rent considering the series of failed eateries here and the many biz vacancies. And Ron is right. Ren was a service nightmare. Horribly managed. Hope someone steps up! SEH is starving, literally, for a good place to eat.

  • $6,000/mth+share of utilities for a shared space , that is a serious obstacle to profitability!

  • I would LOVE an Urban Plates in this town! Fresh organic food (breakfast lunch & dinner) at very reasonable prices. Fast, fresh and delicious. Casual and kid friendly. I drive all the way to Carmel Valley for their $10 organic salads & their take home dinners. Would be nice to have something like this in our neighborhood. Not sure if this space is too small though. I totally agree Ren was a service nightmare and not very good food either. I went once when I first moved here and never went back!

  • A well know coffee shop like Peets or a real Starbucks that has more variety.

  • How about a dessert and coffee place, maybe appetizers and wine too? LOVE Relm, but have been there and not found a place to sit.

  • I do not understand all the coffee shop requests. We have 2 already in town including Starbucks and the Yogurt place. How about filling gaps that we need? Some sort of dinner option would be nice beside pizza. Sandwich shop, sushi, mexican, tapas, or any place with a variety type menu. A 3rd coffe shop tho? Cmon.

    • That location isn’t set up well for a full restaurant. And the atmosphere for coffee at Albertsons and the yogurt place sucks. I’d LOVE more restaurants. I am hoping the center gets built out for that. One can hope…

  • Does the cafe space even have a real kitchen? I’d love a real restaurant that isn’t pizza (I’m not a fan of Hendo’s, but I do love Relm). Service at previous cafes was incredibly slow – I assumed that part of the problem was lack of kitchen space.

    • A place that offers breakfast and dinners would be nice. This community is filled with so many families with kids sometimes moms don’t want to cook at home and takethe family out for breakfast or dinners. It would also be nice to have a sushi or a mexican restaurant. I’m getting tired of going to the pizza place as its the only place here to have some family time dinners. 6000 a month sounds expensive. But anything that opens that is new and is made for families will do just fine..

  • I would love to see a great brunch place go in. Such a great space, but $6k is awfully steep!! Please lower so tenants don’t have to pass along expensive overhead to their customers! Thank you 🙂

  • I think a family friendly alehouse with full local and sustainable food menu, televisions, and a kid area for video games and hands on games. A nice venu for all ages with an extensive beer and wine on tap selection. I’d love to make this happen if the community is interested!

  • The pizza at Hendos stinks and I can’t bring my kids to Relm, which I love. Has anyone been to Crust over by Sprouts? It’s like Hendos and Relm combined! Good wine, artisian pizzas and kid friendly. We drive there instead all the time. Something is just missing in SEH. Seriously, though… more coffee shops!
    Another counter service cafe with a different name is just not going to cut it in that space for this community. It will take something drastic and completely different to capture the attention of SEH again.

    • Great review, completely agree! Crust is great. Our family goes there too. I wish there was a way for Relm to have kid friendly hours/setup. Maybe the new owners will figure that out. While singles/divorcees/etc need a place to go, this community is mostly families and we are dying for something we can go to beside Hendos. I hope the newly announced Cafe Stoked coming in has some sort of dinner hours because they will be no different than the predecessors otherwise.

  • True that there are 2 places to get coffee already, but Starbucks is in an Albertsons and the yogurt place? Great for yogurt…Not coffee. Ren was not just a service nightmare, but the hours were anti-coffee shop, anti café, anti sensible altogether. I give them a bit of a break though, since that building is an energy black hole. Every time I have entered I felt like I was not supposed to be there. What that place needs is a vibrant, upbeat, kid friendly café with good drinks (coffee perhaps?), small plates and some ENERGY. By the sound of things, it may never happen, unless the building owner is willing to invest in the new tenant and the new tenant is able to really connect with this community, rather than just put out a sign and hope for the best.

    • Greg, I love your comment about it being a “black hole”. That is so true! I always got the same feeling there. The interior needs a facelift and the structure of it needs to be drastically changed for it not to feel like the same old place. There is no real separation between the cafe and the office spaces adjoining either. That was always odd.

  • Whatever it is, airport-quality $14 turkey sandwiches with awful service aren’t going to cut it. I can drive to Board n’ Brew in Bressi Ranch for a spectacular meal at half the price. Consider closing from 15 minutes before school gets out to 30 minutes after. I have kids and I love them dearly, but unless you’re a 7-Eleven with lots of arcade machines, toddlers waiting for their ride contribute no revenue and drive paying customers away. As others have said, there are a couple of (cheaper) coffee spots already. How about a taco stand? Breakfast burritos (and coffee and croissants of course) in the AM; tortas and burritos and tacos and beer for lunch and dinner, with a fresh tortilla grill out back on weekends! Olè!

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