San Elijo Hills Association Board Election Results

Update from San Elijo Hills Association

Thank those of you who participated in the election process and 2014 Annual Meeting of Neighborhoods.

The new Board of Directors for San Elijo Hills is as follows:

Phil Makrogiannis (Elected to 2 year term December 2013)

Halé Richardson (Developer Appointed)

Edward Philbrick (Re-elected to 2 year term December 2014)

Paul Hinz (Elected to 2 year term December 2014)

Bill Jacoby (Elected to 2 year term December 2014)

The Board of Directors seeks the support from San Elijo Hills Community Members as they form committees, solicit volunteers for specialized projects, and make decisions that impact the financial, aesthetic, and over quality of life at San Elijo Hills.

In addition to the Board elections, several neighborhoods in San Elijo Hills elected new representatives. The list of current Neighborhood Reps can be found on the community website at  There are several neighborhoods that have vacancies. If you are interested in serving your neighborhood as a representative, please contact Walters Management.

Please check your HOA billing statement, monthly newsletter and/or community website for information on upcoming meetings and activities.

Thank you again for your participation in this important process for San Elijo Hills.

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