San Elijo Hills Town Center Status Update

At the February 26th San Marcos City Council meeting, The Council was given the following update from San Marcos City staff on the progress of the San Elijo Hills Town Center construction.

  1. Albertson’s is on track for June opening

2.  Phase 1 permits have been pulled and contractor bid is about to be signed by Home Fed

  1. Phase 1 construction should start in April-mixed use on Albertson’s side 12 condos and some retail
  2. No timeline for phase 2 the center block between San Elijo Fountain Park and gas station to the south.

  3. Phase 2 is being reevaluated as a result of slow down in residential housing marketing

  4. Phase 2 may not included parking deck ($5-6 million for construction) most likely it will have surface parking

  5. The unsightly appearance of dirt lot for phase 2 will be addressed with new fencing  

Watch Video of the San Marcos City Council discussion 

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