San Elijo Hills Town Center Update

At the March 11th HOA meeting a San Elijo Hills Town center development update was provided by Paul Borden CEO of HomeFed. The retail and residential phase that will wrap around the north and west sides of the new Albertson’s will preliminarily include:

  • Ice Cream parlor
  • Deli
  • Dry Cleaner
  • Mail Boxes etc.. type store
  • Juice Place


  • Optometrist
  • Boutique
  • Coffee Place

Construction is expected to start in April or May and should be 12,000 SQF total with 10-12 condo units above the street facing retail.

Phase II or the center block between the fountain park and the gas station has no time line at this point and is being evaluated for removing residential units and going strictly retail. It is currently approved by the City of San Marcos for 28 condo units and retail with a 2 tiered parking garage…What about it’s just a big park?


  • It would be great to have dining there, family eateries and or places for adults to get away.

  • So does any know if the leases for Blendz, Mr. Taco, and Knockout Pizza only for the center block? None will have a temporary location in the Albertson’s block? Also, I thought there was planned a full-size restaurant in a separate building in the south corner of the Albertson’s parking lot right across from the gas station.

  • What’s going in behind the towncenter? The Triangle area.

  • what do you mean at the end… “what about it’s just a big park?”

  • Maybe we don’t need more retail or mixed use in the center piece/Phase II if Phase I on the Albertson’s is done nicely?? Phase II has got to be 2-3 years down the line at this point…why not make it a nice park?? not sure what I think yet…just an idea

  • Well, I would like a pizza and brew. Some place to watch sports with a beer and hang out away from the kids periodically. Where you can just walk to. If they put that near Albertsons, then the center can be a park.

  • The triangle piece north of the cafe has been sold to The Church of The Hills..I hope to have more details soon.
    Why are they requesting a lot split etc..

  • church, ok got it.

    My husband and I would love a pizza joint or even a good sports bar.

  • My husband and I think the Albertsons and the retail stores will be great in phase 1. In addtion, we think the phase 2 towncenter will be to crowd, if it gets built at all in the near future. We think a park to replace phase 2 would better suit the beauty of the center. We are tired of the dirt pile and ugly green fences.

  • With the current economic climate I’m not optimistic about the green fence and dirt abomination going away anytime in the near future.

    Despite that, it would be great to have a family restaurant (pizza/italian), including a small bar area. Families could walk to dinner. Softball players could grab a brew after their games. Residents could walk down, watch sports and have drinks.

    Unfortunately this probably makes too much sense to actually happen…

  • I am extremely disappointed with the idea of a church going in the middle of town center. My wife and I have lived here for seven years and have watched this community grow. This is described as the modern day Mayberry and to me that sounds inclusive not exclusive. Every event this town hosts (Easter egg hunts, tree lighting, caroling) celebrates Christianity. We do have some level of diversity here that includes people who practice other religions and are not represented by the town they live in. I believe a town that portrays itself as community oriented should either celebrate all religions or none at all. I mean, how many churches do we need within a five mile radius anyway?

  • Are those condos units available for rentals in the near future?

  • If you’re asking about the townhomes that wrap around Albertsons, info can be found here:

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