San Marcos and Escondido Leaders Denounce Proposition O

San Marcos and Escondido Leaders Announce Opposition to Prop O in San Marcos.

San Marcos and Escondido Leaders Announce Opposition to Prop O in San Marcos.

San Marcos, CA – San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond was joined today by Escondido Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler and Councilmember Dick Daniels at a press conference in front of City Hall to urge residents to vote no on Proposition O on November 4. A similar measure, Prop S, was passed several years ago in Escondido.

“Standing next to me is more than 30 years of experience and service to the City of Escondido,” Mayor Desmond said. “Mayor Pfeiler and Councilmember Daniels can give us unique insight into the possible consequences that Prop O could have on San Marcos.”

“There have been many opportunities lost in Escondido due to Prop S,” Mayor Pfeiler said. “Prop S has cost us jobs, tax revenues and the chance to revitalize some areas of the city. Based on our experience in Escondido, we strongly urge San Marcos residents to vote no on Prop O.”

“I am most concerned about the unseen consequences that Prop S has had on our city,” Councilmember Daniels said. “Quality projects and businesses are now discouraged from coming to Escondido because the process has become too bureaucratic and cumbersome. If voters want to safeguard against inappropriate growth, their best option is to elect council members who will prevent it.”

Mayor Desmond was especially worried about the economic impact that Prop O could have on San Marcos.“We would love to bring a new Trader Joes, Whole Foods and a book store to San Marcos and there are many other good projects in the works that our residents want,” he said. “Unfortunately, companies won’t come here once they realize they will have to pay for a campaign first.”

“I have great respect for Mayor Pfeiler and Councilmember Daniels,” Mayor Desmond said. “They have done an amazing job in Escondido despite being constrained by the consequences of Prop S.”

Proposition O is on the November ballot in San Marcos. If passed, it will amend the San Marcos General Plan to require voter approval of certain general plan amendments modifying or changing land use categories or designations. Prop O would hamper San Marcos’ efforts to revitalize parts of the city and cut tax revenues used for public safety. For more information please visit:

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