San Marcos Fire Department plans structure fire training burn

San Marcos Fire Department plans structure fire training burn

The San Marcos Fire Department will conduct live fire training exercises Monday, April 22 through Wednesday, May 1 on Chinaberry Lane in San Marcos. The exercises will take place daily from 8 am to 4 pm. More than 150 firefighters from the North County inland and coastal areas will take part in this regional effort.

The buildings being used for this exercise are located at 210, 225 and 240 Chinaberry Lane, and are being demolished to make room for the new ParkView Apartments, an 84-unit mixed use development in the Richmar neighborhood.

The San Marcos Fire Department has used – with great success – similar buildings slated for demolition in the past for training purposes.

“Live fire training in buildings such as these provide an opportunity for firefighters to experience the effect of fire on buildings,” explained San Marcos Fire Chief Todd Newman. “They gain insight into fire behavior, the effectiveness of various fire attack techniques and the effect of fire on structural integrity.”

During the exercises, training instructors will set fires in prepped rooms. Fire crews will size-up the fire and then select and execute the appropriate strategies and tactics for the situation. This will be repeated several times as long as the buildings remain safe. Fire crews will remain on hand until the fires are completely extinguished.

Live fire training provides experience for firefighters that will make them safer and more effective during actual fire emergencies. It will also give firefighters an opportunity to train using new fire attack concepts.
No street closures are planned for this exercise. Residences and schools in the immediate area have been notified.

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