San Marcos Fire Recovery Team to host post wildfire recovery workshop


On Saturday, Sept. 27 from 9 to 11am, the City of San Marcos will be hosting a post wildfire erosion control workshop at Hollandia Park, 12 Mission Hills Court. Workshop attendees will learn how to plan, protect and restore landscape around homes from the damaging effects of wildfire.

During the workshop, residents will have the opportunity to speak with the City’s fire recovery team and watch a demonstration on how to install common erosion control devices. The San Marcos Fire Marshal will also be on hand to answer questions. Finally, the City will provide a limited number of gravel bags and fiber rolls to affected residents within the burn area on a first-come, first-serve basis.

While the upcoming rainy season will spur much needed growth in the surrounding hillsides, post wildfire erosion greatly increases the potential for flooding, runoff and debris flow into our lakes and creeks. Homeowners within the Cocos fire burn area are encouraged to begin erosion control preparations as soon as possible so that that the proper measures are installed before the wet season in October.

“Under normal circumstances, roots help to stabilize soil, while stems and leaves slow water down, giving it time to absorb or soak into the soil,” said Public Works Director/City Engineer Mike Edwards. “In the aftermath of a fire, these protective functions are severely compromised—it becomes everyone’s responsibility to stabilize and protect properties.”

The City is actively restoring many of its trails, landscaped areas and slopes that were damaged during the Cocos fire. In preparation for the rainy weather, the City is also beginning the installation of erosion control devices on City owned properties within the burn area and is working to protect storm drains from collecting sediment from the surrounding hillsides.

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