• San Marco, Don’t believe a word the union “boss” DeVries says, he is a complete liar. They have known for years this was coming and they still took there raises year after year. All the while the district has cut programs and raised classroom sizes to accommodate the Union demands, all with money directly off your kids backs. Now the district is at its end of being bullied and the Unions finally have to take a cut. Welcome to the recession folks. raising taxes is not the answer! RUNNING A FISCALLY PRUDENT DISTRICT IS THE ANSWER. If you vote for Brown’s taxes you will pay more and still get less because it will only go to raises! Stop the madness.

  • Dear neighbors,

    I am a teacher and your neighbor. I found Mr. Horacek’s comment to be misleading and disrespectful.

    If you find this topic to be of interest, please check the SMUSD website for board meetings to attend. You’ll get the whole picture. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 11, at 6:30PM. There will be a lot of people so come early.

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