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Open Enrollment Now Available for CSUSM Summer Term

Open Enrollment Now Available for CSUSM Summer Term

Open enrollment is now available for Summer Term classes at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) which incorporates over 100 courses in a wide range of fields and disciplines. Students from other colleges and universities, qualified high school seniors, and community members can register for classes in everything from chemistry to women’s studies. Credits from CSUSM Summer Term courses are fully transferrable to other accredited colleges and universities in the United States. For students already enrolled at CSUSM, and for high school or community college students who may be interested in CSUSM, up to 24 units can be counted toward a CSUSM degree.

“Many college students find it hard to graduate in four years, especially if they have difficulty enrolling in a required course,” says Mike Schroder, Dean of Extended Learning and Associate Vice President of Global Programs and Services at CSUSM. “CSUSM Summer Term is the perfect opportunity for students from any college or university to pick up the credits that gets them closer to completing their degree.”

Whether students are looking for prerequisites for higher-level classes, core curriculum offerings, or degree-specific classes, they can likely find what they need among the summer offerings at CSUSM. College-bound high school seniors can also get a jump on their freshman year by getting introductory courses and general education requirements under their belts.

CSUSM Summer Term 2017 runs from June 5 to August 12. The first block runs from June 5 to July 8 and the second block runs from July 10 to August 12. To learn more, call Extended Learning at 760-750-4004, or visit www.csusm.edu/el/summer17.

About CSUSM Extended Learning
As the academic outreach arm of Cal State San Marcos, Extended Learning is a leading provider of professional and continuing education in North San Diego and Southwest Riverside Counties. We offer degree programs and both academic credit and non-credit professional development courses, as well as career-based certificate programs, helping individuals and organizations achieve their educational and training goals. For more information about Extended Learning at CSUSM please visit http://www.csusm.edu/el/.

Registration is now open for CSUSM’s course in Water Management Fundamentals


Registration is now open for CSUSM’s course in Water Management Fundamentals

San Marcos, CA – Registration is now open for the “Survey of Water Management Fundamentals and Practice in California” course offered through Extended Learning at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). While open to all interested in the water industry, this course is also the required core class for the Water Management and Leadership Certificate program that will continue through the summer of 2017.

Developed in collaboration with local industry leaders including the Vallecitos Water District, this core class incorporates the study of regional water usage and sources, disposal and recycling, water infrastructure, impact of water shortage as well as career opportunities in water management. Participants will meet for eight three-hour evening lectures by the leading water resources expert, Ken Weinberg, and other local water experts, and two Saturday tours of local state-of-the-art water facilities.

The initial survey course will be offered at the San Marcos campus on Tuesday evenings beginning March 29 from 6:00-8:50 pm. To register or to learn more about the Water Management Program or the Survey Course, please contact Alan Styles at astyles@csusm.edu or visit www.csusm.edu/el/water.

San Marcos goes back to school after winter break

San Elijo Middle Traffic
Traffic delays expected during daily commute
After a winter break, San Marcos students are headed back to school. With elementary, middle and high schools along with Cal State San Marcos and Palomar College back in session this month, I-15 and SR-78 travelers can expect increased traffic delays during their daily commute.

While the increase in traffic congestion is familiar to city residents, students and commuters alike, the City of San Marcos is pleased to report that continued relief is on the way.

In the city’s ongoing efforts to get motorists moving and improve traffic flow, several roadway improvement projects are lined up over the next year. Planned projects include resurfacing of Rancho Santa Fe Road and annual pavement repair work throughout the community. Intersection safety upgrades throughout the city that have highest collision rates will receive safety improvements this spring. This summer, residents will also see a new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of South Santa Fe Road and Smilax Road to make it safer to cross through the intersection.

During the school year and periods of roadway construction, drive with caution and provide ample time to reach your destination safely and on time.

For the latest traffic and road work updates, visit www.san-marcos.net/roadwork or sign up for automatic traffic email alerts by visiting www.san-marcos.net/alerts.

CSUSM Site of Active Shooter Drills, Jan. 6


On Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016, California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) will be conducting active shooter training exercises in conjunction with the San Marcos Fire Department, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and a number of other North County hospitals, fire and law enforcement agencies. Due to the increase of active shootings and recent tragic events such as those in San Bernardino, Calif.; Paris, France; Roseburg, Ore. and Colorado Springs, Colo., CSUSM has made it a priority to ensure the campus community is well prepared for an active shooter emergency.

The drills, which will take place in the University Student Union, will include front line hospital staff as well as law enforcement and first responder agencies. Participating agencies include the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, City of San Marcos Fire Department, City of Escondido Fire and Police Departments, Palomar Hospital, Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas, Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla and Rady Children’s Hospital.

Residents and motorists may notice emergency vehicles, including medical helicopters, ambulances, fire trucks and patrol cars on campus and in the surrounding community. Traffic control measures will be implemented throughout campus.  

“The safety and welfare of our campus community is our highest priority,” said Robert McManus, CSUSM chief of police. “Conducting and planning for this exercise will allow us to assess our emergency response, interagency coordination and recovery efforts after such an event.”


When:                 Wednesday, Jan. 6 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. First drill will take place from 9 am to 12 p.m., the second drill will take place from 1 to 4 p.m.


Where:                California State University San Marcos, University Student Union


CSUSM will host the third forum of its free series, “Fresh Perspectives on California’s Water Future” with a session on “Economics of Water”

Economics of Water
California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) Extended Learning will host the third forum of its free series, “Fresh Perspectives on California’s Water Future” with a session on “Economics of Water.”


“Economics of Water” – November 18th, 2015, 6:30 – 8:30pm, CSUSM University Student Union 2310
Who pays and who bene

fits? This evening will delve into an anatomy of the financial aspects of water supply, competing market interests and pricing strategies.

Moderator: Dr. Timothy Quinn, Executive Director, ACWA Association of California Water Agencies Panelist: Paul Wenger, Executive Director, California Farm Bureau Federation
Panelist: Dr. David Tuthill, Former Executive Director, Idaho Department of Water Resources, President, Idaho Water Engineering
Panelist: Tom Scaglione, Assistant General Manager & Chief Financial Officer, Vallecitos Water District, CSUSM Faculty for Certificate in Water Resources Management & Leadership

This forum series is hosted and coordinated by the faculty and staff of the Certificate in Water Resources Management & Leadership. Created in conjunction with policy makers, experts and water industry leaders, the Certificate in Water Resources Management and Leadership is a unique program that focuses on the financial, legal, climatological, environmental, technical and cultural issues industry leaders face in today’s complex and changing environment.

For more information or to register: http://www.csusm.edu/el/water or 760-750-4004 or el.inquiry@csusm.edu.

CSUSM Extended Learning Offers Timely Certificate Program in Business Emergency Preparedness Planning



CSUSM Extended Learning Offers Timely

Certificate Program in Business Emergency Preparedness Planning

This fall, CSU San Marcos Extended Learning will offer a six-week certificate program that will help participants create emergency preparedness plans for their organizations.

San Marcos, Calif. — Sept. 1 — Fire season began early this year, and wildfires have been ravaging large portions of Northern and Central California. San Diego County residents are aware that it’s only a matter of time before the danger reaches our part of the state. With climate change intensifying the frequency and ferocity of natural disasters like fires and flooding, and the emerging perils of manmade disasters like cybersecurity threats and infrastructure breaches, it’s important to plan an effective response in the event of an emergency.

While emergency preparedness efforts tend to focus on protecting homes and families, the San Diego Office of Emergency Services recommends that every business have an emergency preparedness element in their strategic business plan. However, a mere 7% have taken this precaution: That means 93% of organizations do not have a plan for business resumption in the event of an emergency. CSU San Marcos aims to help more businesses become disaster-ready with the Professional Certificate in Business Emergency Preparedness Planning (BEPP). Meeting over six half-day sessions this fall, the BEPP Certificate will give participants the tools, information, and processes needed to develop and implement an emergency preparedness plan for their organization.

“Having been a first responder for many years, I recognize that the new Business Emergency Preparedness Planning Program at California State University San Marcos is a must-attend for San Diego’s business community,” says Jason Adams, Disaster Program Manager for the San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter of the American Red Cross. “It is essential that businesses are exposed to this curriculum so that they can protect their staff and their assets, mitigate losses, and have the ability to keep their organizations functioning during and after a disaster.”

The BEPP Certificate program takes participants through each phase of the disaster preparedness planning process, from assessing potential hazards and vulnerabilities to developing a recovery plan and resuming operations. The classes will be held on-site at businesses and government emergency operations centers, giving those enrolled an inside look at the resources that are available to assist in a crisis. Over the course of the six-week program, each participant will develop an emergency plan for his or her business or organization using the techniques, strategies, and tactics learned in the classes.

Enrollment for the Business Emergency Preparedness Planning Certificate program is now open for fall 2015, with classes beginning on Friday, Oct. 9. The half-day classes will be held on Fridays from 8 am to 1 pm through Nov. 13, 2015, with lunch included at each session. The program is cohort based. To learn more about the BEPP Certificate program call 760-750-4020 or visit http://www.csusm.edu/el/certificateprograms/bpdev/bepp/index.html.

CSUSM will host a free forum “Fresh Perspectives on California’s Water Future”



Extended Learning at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM) is excited to announce a new free forum series, “Fresh Perspectives on California’s Water Future.” The series was developed in collaboration with local industry leaders and takes an in-depth look into topics that are rarely presented or discussed in open public forums. Policy makers, experts and water industry leaders will share their unique perspectives on three separate evenings, while actively engaging the audience and encouraging questions and participation.

All forums will be held in the CSUSM University Student Union from 6:30 – 8:30pm.

September 9th, 2015: The Psychology of Water – Until recently, primary barriers to California’s water future were mostly technical and financial. However, as traditional sources of water supply become more difficult to acquire, today’s water industry is facing new obstacles in terms of cultural attitudes and orientations. Deep seated predispositions about nature, waste water recycling and even color can offer stiff resistance to viable alternatives. A panel of regional experts will explore this topic, provide examples and discuss solutions while encouraging audience interaction.

October 14th, 2015: The Politics of Water – An exploration of the shifts and changes taking place in the state’s water power structures, players and coalitions.

November 18th, 2015: The Economics of Water – who pays and who benefits? This evening will delve into an anatomy of the financial aspects of water supply, competing market interests and pricing strategies.

Register for any of our free forums at www.csusm.edu/el/water. Call 760-750-4004 for more information.

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