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Water line repair work along San Marcos Blvd. to continue beginning July 30

Beginning Monday, July 30 at 7:30 am through the late evening, motorists can expect lane closures along eastbound San Marcos Boulevard from Viewpoint Drive to Knights Realm to accommodate water line repair work by Vallecitos Water District.Both turn lanes onto southbound Rancho Santa Fe Road from westbound San Marcos Boulevard will also be closed to traffic. To access southbound Ranchos Santa Fe Road, detours will be in place directing traffic to make a U-turn at Viewpoint Drive.

Although through traffic will be maintained along San Marcos Boulevard, intermittent detours may be added throughout the construction period to help keep traffic moving.

Standard traffic control measures with advanced warning signs and pedestrian detours will be in place. Traffic delays are anticipated and motorists are encouraged to follow all traffic control measures, drive with caution through the area and use alternate routes if possible; delays in the schedule may occur.

For more information about the water line repairs, contact Vallecitos Water District at (760) 744-0460 or www.vwd.org.

To receive emailed traffic alerts or city news, sign up at www.san-marcos.net/alerts and follow the City on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using the handle @sanmarcoscity.

Mapped traffic alert for San Marcos Boulevard on July 30 

Traffic Update: S. Twin Oaks Valley Road reopens to through traffic; lane closures remain in place

After a water main break on Thursday, July 19 forced full lane closures along, S. Twin Oaks Valley Road, lanes reopened to through traffic on Friday, July 20; however, motorists can expect continued northbound lane closures along S. Twin Oaks Valley Road between Barham Drive and Campus Marketplace. In addition to the lane closures, southbound left turn lanes at Campus Marketplace remain closed.

According to Vallecitos Water District, the water main break was caused by a corroded pipe; however, the cause of the corrosion is still under investigation.

Crews are currently working to repair the water main and are expected to begin restoring the roadway throughout the evening of Friday, July 20.

Asphalt restoration is expected to begin Saturday, July 21 from 4 am to 5 pm. As work progresses, northbound lane closures will shift and a single southbound lane closure will be in place.  The far left northbound lane of S. Twin Oaks Valley Road and the southbound turn lane at Campus Marketplace will remain closed while crews complete necessary median restoration.

Standard traffic control measures with advanced warning signs and pedestrian detours will be in place. Traffic delays are anticipated and motorists are encouraged to drive with caution, follow all traffic control and use alternate routes if possible.

All water main and roadway repairs are expected to be completed by 4 pm on Sunday, July 22 with all S. Twin Oaks Valley Road lanes reopening by 5 pm of the same day. Delays in work schedule may occur.

For more information about the main break, contact Vallecitos Water District at (760) 744-0460 or www.vwd.org.

For more information about traffic control in place, contact the San Marcos Public Works Inspection Division at (760) 410-4433. For the latest lane closure information, visit www.san-marcos.net/roadwork.

Vallecitos Water District receives Re-accreditation as a “District of Distinction”

Vallecitos Water District receives Re-accreditation as a “District of Distinction”

San Marcos, CA – On April 4, 2018, the Vallecitos Water District (Vallecitos) was honored for achieving re-accreditation as a “District of Distinction” by the Special District Leadership Foundation (SDLF). This accreditation is designed as a way for districts to highlight their prudent fiscal practices along with other areas important to effectively operate and govern a special district. California SDLF Public Affairs Field Coordinator, Chris Palmer, was on hand to recognize Vallecitos for completing the essential governance requirements. This is the second time Vallecitos has received this biannual accreditation.

“SDLF provides an independent audit review of the last three years of the District’s operations to ensure prudent fiscal practices,” said Neil McCormick, SDLF Chief Executive Officer. The committee members who review the audits are volunteers from the special district community, including district controllers, directors of finance and general managers. SDLF is an independent, non-profit organization formed to promote good governance and best practices among California’s special districts through certification, accreditation and other recognition programs.

To receive the recognition, Vallecitos’ website must include posting of transparency requirements, including: election procedures and deadlines, posted board meeting schedules and agendas, current District budget, most recent financial audit, and a list of compensation of Board members and staff or a link to the State Controller’s webpage with the data. Vallecitos’ Board of Directors and executive staff must also show proof of educational training in public governance, as well as compliance with ethics and harassment prevention training.

“This award is proof of the District’s commitment to good government,” said Vallecitos Board President Jim Hernandez. “The Board of Directors, along with District staff, are to be commended for their efforts to highlight our prudent fiscal practices and sound policies in the areas of governance, board conduct and transparency.”

Vallecitos Water District Board moves forward with its annual reorganization, naming Jim Hernandez Board President for 2018

Vallecitos Water District Board moves forward with its annual reorganization, naming Jim Hernandez Board President for 2018

San Marcos, CA – At a regular meeting held on Wednesday, December 6 , 2017 , the Vallecitos Water District Board of Directors voted to move forward with their annual reorganization. Jim Hernandez was elected to serve as president and Hal Martin was elected to serve as vice president for 2018.

President Jim Hernandez, Division 2 representative, was elected to th e Board in 2010 . Jim is an architect and small business owner and has lived in San Marcos for over 40 years. After serving in the United States Marine Corps , he attended Palomar College while working locally , and continued his education at California State Polytechnic University (Cal Poly, Pomona). Jim was a San Marcos Planning Commissioner for 14 years, past president of the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos and Palomar College Founda tion. He was a community volunteer on various San Marcos City task force s and community projects , some of which include the Water Ways Taskforce, Ridge Line Ordinance, Creek Street Specific Plan, Chairman of the University District Specific Plan , and the f ounder of the San Marcos Boulevard Christmas Lights. Jim and his wife Barbara have been married for more than 28 years and have four children and two grandchildren.

Vice President Hal Martin, Division 5 representative, was elected to the Vallecitos Board in 2012 and again in 2016. He served as President in 2014. Previously, he was elected to the San Marcos City Council for four terms and a total of 16 years from 1996 to 2012, when he was termed out . He represented the City Council on the League of Californ ia Cities and served on the statewide environmental board for the League from 1996 to 1998. He served on the City’s Planning Commission from 1991 to 1996 and was on the Board of Directors for the San Marcos Chamber of Commerce for three years. Additionally, Hal served as an alternate for the North County Transit District, North County Dispatch Joint Powers Authority and SANDAG . He has also been active with the Boys & Girls Club of San Marcos for more than 26 years. Hal is a professional photographer and has owned Focus on U Wedding Photography in San Marcos since 1990. The San Marcos Chamber of Commerce named him Business Person of the Year in 1996.

Hernandez and Martin are joined by three Directors who round out the Vallecitos Board: Directors Betty Evans, Division 1; Craig Eli tharp, Division 3; and Mike Sannella, Division 4. The Board meets regularly the first and third Wednesday of the month at 5 :00 p.m. in Vallecitos’ Administration Building, located at 201 Vallecitos de Oro, in San Marcos. Meetings are open to the public and recorded for viewing on San Marcos television . Please visit www.san – marcos.net/smtv

for a complete programming schedule.

For complete biographies of the Vallecitos Board , go to www.vwd.org/Board



San Marcos, CA — The Vallecitos Water District is hiring an asphalt repair contractor to repair a portion of southbound San Elijo Road just south of Baker Street/Cooke Street on October 2nd between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. One southbound lane will be closed. Schools, businesses and residents may experience increased truck and equipment traffic, minor traffic delays, lane closures, odors and noise during the work.

For more information and to view the latest updates, go to www.vwd.org or call 760-744-0460.

A Message from the District Regarding Lead Testing

Good afternoon San Marcos Families,

As you may have seen in the media, there was a drinking fountain that was recently removed from San Marcos Middle School after it was discovered to have a higher level of lead than is considered safe.

It is critical to San Marcos Unified to ensure that the water used by our students, staff, and community is safe.  In addition to having the water tested at all of our school locations, we also wanted to provide information to our community regarding the steps leading up to this action.

What resulted in San Marcos Unified School District conducting tests at three District schools?

Following the event in Flint (Michigan), The State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) amended the permit for all public water system in California in order to mandate free lead testing in schools, if requested by the school district.

While not required, Vallecitos Water District notified the District of this new mandate from the SWRCB.  The mandate became effective in January 2017.

Why did the District choose to test Alvin Dunn Elementary, Richland Elementary, and San Marcos Middle School?

In 1986, the use of lead solder was banned from use in joining copper pipes.  These three schools were originally constructed prior to 1986.  All other schools in the District were constructed or renovated after 1986.

What are the measurement standards?

The current standards followed by the Vallecitos Water District were developed and implemented by the United States EPA in 1991.  The standards state that the Action Level (AL) for lead is 15 ug/L.  This is defined to mean “micrograms per liter” or “parts per billion”.

The Department of Drinking Water regulations state that any results at 15 ug/L or less are considered safe.

What were the results of the tests conducted?

At Alvin Dunn Elementary, five samples were collected.  All results were below the 15 ug/L Action Level.

At Richland Elementary, five samples were collected.  All results were below the 15 ug/L Action Level.

At San Marcos Middle School, five samples were collected.  Four results were below the 15 ug/L Action while one sample was above.

What does this mean and what did the District do?

It is important to note that the water received from Vallecitos Water District meets current standards and regulations.

In this instance, the sample from a fixture (drinking fountain) at San Marcos Middle School had a higher level greater than 15 ug/L.  When the District was notified of the results, the fixture was removed from service.

The District is also making arrangements to have additional tests conducted at other locations at San Marcos Middle School.

Have there been any illnesses reported due to this drinking fountain?

No.  There have not been any reports of illness that are due to or can be traced back to this drinking fountain.

What can I do if I’m worried about my child having lead poisoning?

You can contact the California Department of Public Health – Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program at 619-692-8487. The best recommendation we can offer is to take your child to their general physician for blood tests.



Wayne Ludwig and his wife Cindy have lived in the San Elijo Hills area of San Marcos since 2002, both working for the Department of the Navy. Wayne currently serves the Navy Region Southwest (NRSW) Region Safety and Health Program Director, providing myriad opportunities to serve the interests of federal, state and local government personnel and taxpayers.

Wayne is running for a seat on the Vallecitos Water Board, Division 5 this November. His 33 years working for the Department of the Defense and Department of Navy have led to an extensive amount of training and education in many disciplines and areas of Public Works operations.

If elected, Wayne’s intentions are to unify the Water Board, provide proactive leadership and reestablish trust and accountability to the board, Vallecitos employees and all rate payers. His plan is to arrest all favoritism, bias and unfair practices that currently plague the board and rate payers. “I am running for election because as a rate payer, and given the present fractious nature of the Board, there are myriad problems I can help fix,” he stated. “Furthermore, the present Board has granted unnecessary and very questionable favors to developers, which only serve to degrade and diminish the future of the Vallecitos Water District.”

You can find out more by visiting his website at wayneludwig.com or via email at Ludwigfw@gmail.com

*San Elijo Life Editors note-This is not an endorsement and we welcome campaign statements from all candidates.

Vallecitos Water District to Host Blood Drive


Vallecitos Water District to Host Blood Drive 

San Marcos, CA — To help combat summer blood shortages, Vallecitos Water District is hosting a community blood drive on Thursday, August 11, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.  The blood drive will be held in the District’s parking lot located at 201 Vallecitos De Oro in San Marcos.

The need for blood in San Diego and around the country remains constant. In San Diego alone, nearly 400 pints per day are needed for area hospitals.  However, during summer months, inventories often decrease when regular donors take vacation and schools are on break.  This is why Vallecitos Water District is reaching out to their staff and the community, asking for donors to come forward during this critical time.

To schedule an appointment, call the San Diego Blood Bank at 1-800-469-7322 or schedule online at http://www.sandiegobloodbank.org/, using the sponsor code: VWDT.

Blood donors must be at least 17 year’s old, weigh at least 114 pounds and be in general good health.  Donors are encouraged to eat a meal prior to giving blood and drink plenty of water.  Photo ID is required at donation time.

San Elijo Pump Station Ribbon Cutting

San Elijo Pump Station

San Elijo Hills Pump Station

Ribbon-cutting ceremony marking completion of the San Elijo Pump Station that will provide Vallecitos Water District with treatment services from Olivenhain Municipal Water District’s (OMWD) David C. McCollom Water Treatment Plant via an existing interconnection. The pump will allow Vallecitos to pump water from the OMWD Elfin forest area dam and treatment facility to the Vallecitos Water District Stephanie Court tank in San Elijo Hill’s and provide water for San Elijo Hills and Western San Marcos and some of Carlsbad. This will mean that San Elijo Hills is not getting Desalinization water from the Poseidon plant in Carlsbad. Other areas in San Marcos are getting a percentage of it’s water from the new desalinization plant. This local efficiency will help all of North County San Diego.

Under the agreement signed between the two agencies in 2012, Vallecitos Water District  will purchase a minimum of 2,750 acre-feet per year of treatment services from Olivenhain Municipal Water District, roughly the amount of water required to supply 5,500 households.

This partnership is mutually beneficial for ratepayers of both agencies. Vallecitos Water District  will purchase treatment services from OMWD at a lower rate than is offered by regional water wholesalers, reducing the per-unit purchase cost of water. Meanwhile, Olivenhain Municipal Water District will sell surplus treatment services, offsetting water treatment costs, and improve efficiency by running its plant at full capacity.

The San Elijo Hills Pump Station won an Award of Merit for engineering excellence from the American Council of Engineering Companies.


Registration is now open for CSUSM’s course in Water Management Fundamentals


Registration is now open for CSUSM’s course in Water Management Fundamentals

San Marcos, CA – Registration is now open for the “Survey of Water Management Fundamentals and Practice in California” course offered through Extended Learning at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). While open to all interested in the water industry, this course is also the required core class for the Water Management and Leadership Certificate program that will continue through the summer of 2017.

Developed in collaboration with local industry leaders including the Vallecitos Water District, this core class incorporates the study of regional water usage and sources, disposal and recycling, water infrastructure, impact of water shortage as well as career opportunities in water management. Participants will meet for eight three-hour evening lectures by the leading water resources expert, Ken Weinberg, and other local water experts, and two Saturday tours of local state-of-the-art water facilities.

The initial survey course will be offered at the San Marcos campus on Tuesday evenings beginning March 29 from 6:00-8:50 pm. To register or to learn more about the Water Management Program or the Survey Course, please contact Alan Styles at astyles@csusm.edu or visit www.csusm.edu/el/water.

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