The Daily Dalia for 5.31

I read in the paper today that this years Del Mar Fair theme is ” Salute to Heroes”. My only concern is that they leave it open to who we think our heroes are. Everyone has their own opinion, to a 5 year old it may be Elmo and that it their right. At this time especially there are many different opinions of “heroes” but it is not anyones right to tell you or persuade you who that may be. So when you go to the fair ( June 8th – July 4th) just remember, your hero is whoever you want it to be! It’s kind of like “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.



  • I come to San Elijo Life to find articles that are relevant to me as a SEH resident. While I’m sure the Daily Dalia is of interest to some people, I’m not sure what it has to do with the overall population base of San Elijo Hills. I would like to suggest that the Daily Dalia column and articles be removed from the home page and given its own tab in the top navigation bar (like Events, Golf, Real Estate, etc.) and leave the homepage to relevant articles.

  • Dear SEH Resident,

    I appreciate your feedback ….and it makes me proud that you care. Sometimes it feels like our only readers are spammers.
    We have long term goals for site design and your input will be evaluated. Please keep coming back and telling us what you would like to see…after all YOU are SEH and we need SEH to participate to make it a great site…so bring on the posts, the video, and the ideas.

    PS-Dalia is a local experienced mom with a lot of relevant advice for SEH’s young family demographic.


    Hills Local

  • I always felt that was about OUR community. Even the tagline states, “#1 Community Website for Everything in San Elijo Hills.” What is a community without people? This column helps ensure that this community continues to be about people; its most important asset.

    Although, its own tab on the navigation bar may be a good alternate, the placement of this daily article on the homepage provides a reminder to all of us who read it. A reminder that this page is about where we live and lest we forget that where we live is also about who we are living with— each other.

    The Daila Daily puts a face on the “people” part of community. When we stop caring about what other people think or if we stop asking for/reading other people’s advice, then we should probably think about moving to a more urban area where it’s every man for himself.

  • I don’t disagree. But then let’s not have Dalia be the only face with a forum on the site, and establish a blog section on the site for anyone to post their thoughts. Not just in response to Dalia’s topics.

  • I honestly never went to the web site until the daily Dalia started. A friend told me about it and now I check it three times a day to see what she is up to.

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