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If I had to pat myself on the back for something I achieved in my life I would say I raised 2 children that I believe are an asset to the world. Now don’t get me wrong, I have made my mistakes but on the whole I am very happy with my parenting ways.

I would love to share some views now and then with you or give you my take on a situation. I don’t have a degree in psychology but I have a keen sense of intuition that I believe helped me.

I will start out easy…number one rule, NO IDOL THREATS! You have to follow through on your word or kids will play you like a Stradivarius violin. So remember, if you say “If you don’t stop crying we are leaving this store” and your child does not stop crying, LEAVE THE STORE.


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  • Violins are pretty hard to play, and personally, I would not allow any child near a Stradivarius.

    But seriously, there are two ways to get the child to shut up in your scenario, one is your way, the second is two give him/her something as a reward for shutting up. Unfortunately the ladder may result in someone being spoiled, and even more unfortunately I see parents resorting to that all the to often.

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