Venzano wins 5th annual San Elijo Life- Best Neighborhood Holiday lights

Venzano wins the 5th Annual San Elijo Life- Best Neighborhood Holiday lights based on your votes.  Congratulations to Venzano!

Cedar Crossing finished 2nd with it’s amazing ground-breaking musical light display. Severne had it’s spirited light criss crossing over a whole street, a real  “Street of Dreams”.  Crest View’s candy canes are now the new Hills standard. The Hills were alive with incrediable lights and true spirit this season. We hope the kids had many happy sleigh rides.



  • Venzano had over 90 dozen luminarias lining their streets on Christmas Eve. (That’s over 1,000 in that small neighborhood). It was beautiful! And the memorial to the little angels of Connecticut was heartwarming! Merry Christmas and Cheers to all in the Hills for a Healthy and Happy 2013.

  • How special! That warms my heart as a parent. Venzano is an amazing neighborhood and they also did an amazing job with their lights. We live in Woodley’s Glen and are proud to border them!

  • Jesus wouldn’t be a big fan of that electricity’s extravaganza in a world where 925 millions people are suffering from hunger.
    There isn’t a lot of Jesus in Christmas anymore…but thousands of toys made in china and waste and excess of all sorts….

    • What an awful & insensitive comment. Those luminaries were a symbol of the lives lost in Newton, CT. Also, you are making a ridiculous assumption that none of those families have Jesus in mind over the holidays just because of their “electricity extravaganza”. I happen to know lots of very religious & faith based families all over San Diego that deck out their houses every Christmas with lights and décor. Sounds like someone needs a visit from the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future!

  • Just send some money to the families grieving in Newton or to fight the hunger in the world…
    More useful than wasting energy to win a local Christmas lights competition.

  • Christmas lighting equal to 22.8 days electricity .
    That amount of money would help a huge amount of people in distress…

  • I live in Venzano and we don’t do it to win a lights contest, although that is fun. We do it for our kids and to spread joy. There are many things throughout the year that venzano does that will leave lasting memories for our kids. Many of us also donate money and time to charitable organizations. Please feel free to load up the car and checkout the lights. Get out of the car and chat up the neighbors. Enjoy the atmosphere and make some memories. Merry Christmas!

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