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The Healthetarians is a 501C3 nonprofit that is dedicated to inspiring kids to eat healthier. They just finished a 30 day health tour, where they traveled from Seattle, Washington to San Diego, California stopping in 9 different cities teaching free healthy cooking classes for the masses! They taught over 1,000 people on their trip! Now they have settled down in San Elijo Hills and will be launching an after school program for elementary students this January.

The classes they teach are fun, hands-on cooking classes for children between the ages of 5-13.  The recipes used in these classes are all organic, allergy friendly, plant-based and gluten-free. Some things you might see kids cooking and/or preparing in a Healthetarian class are: green smoothies, kale chips, blueberry cornmeal pancakes, sunshine salads and much more.

Their after school program is called, The Healthetarian Kitchen. It’s the first after-school enrichment program that focuses on plant-based recipes. Each week, children will join The Healthetarians for a few hours of cooking, eating, learning and fun! The course is an 8-10 week series meeting once a week for 2 hours and takes place right on the school campus. Students learn: how to read & prepare recipes from scratch, knife safety, measurements, how to use a blender, juicier & food processor, why we include leafy greens in recipes and why we use seasonal San Diego County produce! The Healthetarians are getting younger generations cooking and showing them the value of making their own food – something that many have lost sight of.

If this sounds like something you would like to see at your child’s school, contact The Healthetarians as they are still looking for a few more schools for the winter and spring sessions!

Sign up @ www.healthetarians.org, or email sarah@healthetarians.org

PS: You can follow The Healthetarians on Facebook to find out where their free weekend kids cooking classes are held.

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