September 22, 2023

Tropical Cyclone Hilary is expected to bring heavy rains and strong winds to San Marcos starting as early as Saturday. The City of San Marcos is preparing their emergency responders and is closely monitoring the situation and will provide updates on the following platforms: 

If you need emergency assistance related to the current weather event, please dial 9-1-1.  

To keep you and your loved ones safe, please read and follow the steps below.  

What can I do to prepare for the storm?

With heavy rains and strong winds expected, the city encourages residents to activate their emergency preparedness plan and follow precautionary steps for flooding within their property. Visit the emergency preparedness webpage for more information on how to create a plan and get a kit together. Be sure to check the condition of your roof, make sure nearby rain gutters are cleaned out and storm drains are free of debris for proper flood support.  

Before flooding occurs, follow these steps:

Make sure you are following the City’s social media channels above

Sign up for Alert San Diego, the County’s emergency alert system

Store enough food, water and medicines to last for 72 hours

Make copies of Important documents  

Take and store valuable household items 

Always keep policy and insurance agent’s contact information handy  

During flooding, follow these steps:

Avoid driving and walking through flood waters 

Move immediately to higher ground in the event of flash flooding 

Be aware of debris flows in and around past fire areas  

 Remember to  

Charge batteries for all essential items. Including cell phones, external chargers and power tools.  

Fill your car with gas and make sure your kitchen is stocked.  

Drive carefully on the roads. Please slow down and allow yourself more time than normal to arrive at your destination. Do not travel if possible.   

Prepare for high winds by removing or securing all outdoor furniture and trimming tree branches away from your house and power lines.  

Obtain free unfilled sandbags San Marcos’ public works yard, 201 Mata Way. (More information is provided below).  

Avoid coastal areas during the storm.  

When you hear thunder, go to a safe indoor location, and stay away from items plugged into outlets.  

Report storm damage on the San Marcos App.  

Where can I find sandbags?

The city offers residents free, fill your own sandbags to help protect streets from flooding and control soil erosion.  

Sandbags can be filled and picked up at southwest corner of the Public Works Division parking lot, 201 Mata Way.  Please follow the signs.  

Residents can obtain a maximum of 20 sandbags per household. Please read instructions on how to properly fill and place the sandbags.  

We encourage residents to stack their sandbags in the form of a staggered pattern with at least 2 bags high to properly reduce flooding within your property.  

For more information about the city’s sandbag program, please call the City’s Public Works Department at (760) 752-7550 

How can I prepare for high winds?  

We recommend residents monitor their property and remove any outside items that could cause severe injury or damage if they are picked up by the strong winds.

Be sure to have all electronics fully charged in the event the high winds cause a power outage. 

High winds can cause fallen trees, debris in the roadway and power outages. Please contact the city’s Public Works Department at (760) 752-7550 or by visiting the webpage to report any of the following concerns above.  

For more information, please visit the National Weather Service high wind webpage.  

Stay connected 

It is very important that residents of San Marcos stay connected at all times in the event of an emergency. We highly encourage residents to sign up for alerts and stay up to date on San Marcos social media platforms to get updates. Here is a list of helpful resources below:  

Alert San Diego, emergency notifications 

San Marcos App

San Marcos Radio Station AM 1610 

Local T.V. stations  

San Marcos e-alerts,

San Marcos FacebookInstagram and Twitter

San Diego County Emergency site

FEMA, public service announcement 

Track further storm information on the national weather service San Diego website 

SDG&E power outage map

Preparing for Rain Article

Instructions for reporting concerns

Non-Emergency flooding, fallen trees and debris number: 760-752-7550 

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