Extensive road safety improvements coming to The City of San Marcos


Extensive road safety improvements coming to The City of San Marcos

As part of the City’s ongoing commitment to continuously improve road safety and traffic flow, construction will begin early next year and continue over the next five years to keep motorists moving, especially along the Highway 78 corridor.

While many of these projects will bring short-term traffic impacts and inconvenience, the work paves the way for long-term improvements that will provide access enhancements that are critical to overall traffic safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Here is an overview:

Intersection Safety Upgrades: Spring 2016. Intersections throughout the city that have the highest collision rates will receive safety improvements in this federally funded project.  Speed feedback signs will be installed at various roadway curves throughout the City to help reduce speeding and minimize accidents in which cars run off the road.  Also, starting in late 2017, the San Marcos Boulevard and Discovery Street intersection will be improved to handle more traffic.

New traffic light: Summer 2016. A new traffic signal will be installed at the intersection of South Santa Fe Road and Smilax Road to make it safer to cross through the intersection. Work will being in summer 2016.

State Route 78 widening: Spring 2017. Work to widen Highway 78 between Woodland Parkway and Twin Oaks Valley Road interchanges will add east and westbound auxiliary lanes to make it easier to enter and exit the highway in this area.

Traffic Management Center upgrades: Spring 2017. Improvements to the City’s traffic management system will provide better backup power to the Traffic Management Center (TMC) that will ultimately enhance traffic signal timing during disaster-related evacuations or extended power outages. This project also will include upgrades to improve communications with the traffic signal system for better signal synchronization.

East Mission Road fiber optic project: Spring 2017. To improve traffic signal coordination along the 78 corridor, including Woodland Parkway and out to Escondido at Nordahl Road, the City will complete “backbone” fiber optic cable on arterial streets throughout San Marcos by Spring 2017.

Citywide traffic signal system Ethernet conversion: Spring 2017.  This federally funded project will significantly enhance the capacity of the fiber optic communication system. The conversion will improve monitoring and adjusting of traffic signal timing and coordination to enhance overall traffic flow and safety on city streets.

Woodland Parkway interchange improvementsSummer 2017. To improve traffic circulation and vehicle capacity, the Woodland Parkway/State Route (SR) 78 interchange will receive much needed enhancements. Barham Drive between Cal State San Marcos and the interchange will be widened and realigned. This project also includes widening of Woodland Parkway under the freeway, improving on- and off ramps, and makes other circulation improvements. In the same area, SR-78 will be widened to accommodate future HOV lanes planned for 2025.

Palomar Station Pedestrian Bridge: 2018. A new pedestrian bridge will provide a safe connection over Mission Road between the Palomar Station SPRINTER transit stop and the Palomar College bus hub.  The project will also add a direct pedestrian connection between the transit-oriented development just to the south and Palomar College. Funds come from a federal grant, developer contributions and the City.

To learn more about these and other traffic safety and road work projects, visit www.san-marcos.net/cip

San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond Announces Candidacy for County Supervisor, District 5 in 2018

San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond


Today I announced my candidacy for County Supervisor, District 5 in 2018.

As Mayor of San Marcos with balanced budgets, strong reserves, and solid infrastructure our community has thrived. As a Board member of Sandag and the San Diego Airport Authority I have approved billions of dollars of regional projects creating thousand of local jobs.

I’ll bring fiscally conservative values to the County and build a better future for all county residents.

I would appreciate your support.
Thank you,
Jim Desmond

Vallecitos’ recently constructed San Elijo Hills Pump Station won an Award of Merit

Vallecitos' recently constructed San Elijo Hills Pump Station won an Award of Merit from the American Council of…

Posted by Vallecitos Water District on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Strong Wind Storm

The biggest wind storm in the last 15 years hit San Elijo Hills last night. Winds gusting 40-50 MPH whipped through The Hills from 3:00 PM Sunday till early Monday Morning.

A transformer fire was reported near Double Peak School site on Attebury Drive, the San Marcos Fire Department quickly responded at 10:45 PM Sunday.

A swift water rescue was performed for three teens in Elfin Forest area

Shared neighborhood fences blew down in San Elijo Hills. Power was out in parts of Elfin Forest and Questhaven.

What did you experience?

3 Teens Rescued After Truck Goes into Creek in Elfin Forest| NBC 7 San Diego

Three teens driving around Elfin Forest found themselves in a dangerous situation Sunday when the truck they were driving was swept away by the strong current of a creek.

“We just kind of floated down river, like just kind of took us down and we kind of flipped over,” Ben Ripley and Ricky Heidt told NBC 7. “Our friend drove through that this morning and he thought he could make it a little after and we just took off and lost control of the water, flipping back and forth, on top of each other the car hit something.”

The teens had decided to drive through the creek for fun. The incident happened around 6:44 p.m. in the Elfin Forest. The rescue was complicated because of the tall trees around where the truck had gone in.

Source:  http://www.nbcsandiego.com/news/local/3-Men-Rescued-After-Truck-Goes-into-Creek-in-N-County–367171981.html#ixzz3yw9MIyFu

Elfin Forest

Source: 3 Teens Rescued After Truck Goes into Creek in N. County | NBC 7 San Diego

San Elijo Hills Fourth-grader a global micro-lender | SanDiegoUnionTribune.com

SAN MARCOS — After school on Monday, 9-year-old Amara Kirkpatrick did a little online shopping on her dad’s laptop computer. But the San Marcos fourth-grader wasn’t buying lollipop hammers for Candy Crush. She was making microloans to women in Lebanon, Peru and Tajikistan.Over the past two years, Amara has made 45 loans totaling $1,125 to entrepreneurs, students and needy mothers in 18 countries. The precocious grade-schooler pays for the loans with a few hundred dollars she raised at a lemonade stand and by recycling cans, as well as $1,000 her father, David Kirkpatrick, won at a charity auction.

READ MORE VIA Source: Fourth-grader a global micro-lender | SanDiegoUnionTribune.com

San Marcos City Council Passes Pet Store Ban | NBC 7 San Diego

In an effort to crackdown on inhumane breeding practices, the San Marcos City Council unanimously approved an ordinance Tuesday night that permanently bans pet shops from selling puppies, kittens and rabbits.The ordinance was passed in a 4-0 vote.

READ MORE VIA Source: San Marcos City Council Passes Pet Store Ban | NBC 7 San Diego

Water-wise landscape makeover takes shape at San Marcos Civic Center

Beginning Wednesday, Jan. 27, crews will continue work to plant water-wise landscaping surrounding the city’s Civic Center located along San Marcos Boulevard to set the water-saving example.

While newly planted varieties may look like grass from the past, the new “Native Move Free Sod” to be planted requires 50 percent less water than a traditional lawn and only needs mowing eight times per year.

“Knowing that California still faces unprecedented drought conditions, this project is helping the city be good stewards of all our water resources,” said Public Works Director Mike Edwards.

Landscape designs approved by the San Marcos City Council call for a large area of native mow free grass surrounded by an oval-shaped border of meadow grasses, a variety of succulents and yellow blanket flowers instead of intensive, high maintenance ornamental turf. Decomposed granite will border the meadow areas.

Irrigated with well water, higher efficiency irrigation technology with drip emitters and high-efficiency spray nozzles will also be put in place.

By transforming the landscaped area, the city not only expects to reduce water use by more than 50 percent but will also trim down on landscape maintenance costs for fertilizers, weed control and labor.

The $400,000 project, paid for in part by funding from the Water Security, Clean Drinking Water, Coastal and Beach Protection Act, will reduce water use and minimize run-off into the streets while creating a sustainable space for City Hall visitors.

For more information, contact Communications Officer Sarah Macdonald at The City of San Marcos.

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