A little change would make a world of difference…


A San Elijo Life Reader sent us this retouched photo

Reader Wrote: I’m no artist — and I know just enough PhotoShop to be dangerous — but I took your photo of the hideous Chevron Station from the SEHLife site and retouched the teal to dark blue, just to see how it would look. Seems that even that little change would make a world of difference….

San Elijo Life also feels paint & design issus are more complex then just the the trim.

San Elijo Life would like to see a comprehensive review of all town center construction and design by resident representation. Potentially the volunteer SEH architecture review committee could review and share feedback back with residents. This format is used successfully in Rancho Santa Fe.

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  • Are you kidding me? If you are concerned about the color of trim on a gas station overhang, then you have several issues. First, too much time on your hands. Second, not really educated on what is happening in the world. And last, you must be 100 years old and should be in a “different” community.

  • It looks sooo much better the dark blue.
    How would it look with a tan or brown? (if you have time)
    Like those soft earth tones the rest on the community uses.

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