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Nelson for City Council—New Leadership for the Next Decade

For 20 plus years, I have worked with dedication and passion as a community volunteer. Now, with your help, I want to contribute on a different level – as your  City Council Member.

As San Marcos’ growth and development comes to build out, an end, we face new challenges and opportunities. It is critical that we, as a community, have qualified leaders with fresh and exciting ideas – leaders who understand and appreciate our past and are ready to work diligently on the future opportunities that lay ahead.

I believe we must identify new and diverse sources of income while preserving, protecting and enhancing our quality of life and natural resources. To accomplish this, our leaders must foster harmony and unity, working as a high performing team in the best interests of our city and our citizens.

I am that type of leader.

As a business man “Your local Ace Hardware guy”, I understand business issues. As a homeowner, I understand and appreciate residents’ expectations and problems. Like you, I have struggled with issues such as traffic, growth, protecting natural resources and a need for improved public access to the decision-making process at city hall.

It’s important to me that I listen and understand your priorities and concerns.   What issues do you view as most pressing? What makes you proud of our city?  I invite you to talk with me and educate me about your perspectives. Let’s work together to solve problems and enhance those aspects of life in San Marcos that make you proud to say, “I live in San Marcos.”

I certainly do not have “all the answers,” but I do have an:

  • open mind,
  • open door policy,
  • an abundance of energy, resolve and time.

I have prepared a 10-point Action Plan which identifies the highest priority needs as I see them.  I pledge that my term as your City Council Member will see me working diligently on these objectives.

I’m an independent thinker, a great listener and an assertive leader, who will work for San Marcos. I ask for your vote, financial support, and involvement with my campaign to ensure my candidacy is successful.

I look forward to working for you as your City Council Member.

Dean Nelson,

Candidate for San Marcos City Council


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