For a school accustomed to athletic success, Friday’s rejection of Cal State University San Marcos’ bid to become an NCAA Division II program was more than a little disappointing.The Cougars, who were denied NCAA acceptance in 2009 as well, will continue to compete as an NAIA independent.“We’re going to carry on and continue our growth,” said Jennifer Milo, who is in her first year as CSUSM athletic director. “Two members said our application was ‘impressive.’ But the other universities that applied were extremely strong. The NCAA committee didn’t feel that we were ready to start the transition process compared to those others.”Cougars men’s soccer coach Ron Pulvers called the decision a disappointment.“It impacts our program in how we operate from here forward,” Pulvers said. “As an independent, it leaves us with a national scheduling challenge, which we have always had, and a recruiting challenge. Recruits love the NCAA label and the recognition it means even though some of the best teams in the NAIA are equal to some of the best in the NCAA Division II.”Before Friday’s decision, coaches and staff were upbeat at CSUSM, which had nine of its 13 teams parlay winning records into postseason play last year. The Cougars were all set to join the California Collegiate Athletic Association.So what happened? READ MORE via CAL STATE SAN MARCOS DENIED IN BID TO JOIN NCAA |

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