City of San Marcos, CA: Stage two drought alert in effect for San Diego County

City of San Marcos splash pads will temporarily close to conserve water

As a result of worsening drought conditions and Governor Edmund G. Brown’s statewide drought relief measures, the San Diego County Water Authority has declared a Level  drought alert prompting mandatory conservation measures to prevent water waste.

In order to comply with these state restrictions, the City of San Marcos will be closing splash pad water features at City parks beginning Friday, August 1 and will remain closed until drought conditions improve.

Parks affected by the splash pad closures include:

  • Sunset Park
  • San Elijo Park
  • Buelow Park
  • Mulberry Park
  • Lakeside Park

By closing the splash pads, the City anticipates saving between 8,100- and 12,150- gallons of water per day.

To further conservation efforts, the City is adjusting irrigation schedules and cutting back on watering in all San Marcos parks and other landscaped public spaces like center medians, street parkways and trails, and City Hall water fountain features.

The City’s public works department continued its water saving efforts by installing nearly 1,400 new rotator nozzles in turf areas and medians. Five new SMART controllers covering 7.5 acres were also installed to make real-time adjustments based on weather information to avoid water waste.

The Vallecitos Water District Board of Directors will be voting August 6 to move Vallecitos customers into a Level 2 Drought Alert as well.

For more information about the level 2 drought alert and mandatory conservation measures, please visit


  • It doesn’t make sense that SEH HOA aren’t allowing artificial turf in the front yards, it is a huge water waste!!!

  • As SEH homeowners, we should agree to vote to change the bylaws of the HOA and authorize articial turf in front lawns.

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