City of San Marcos, CA: Trail safety tips offered for outdoor enthusiasts

The City of San Marcos is blessed with miles of trails throughout our community.  It is important to remember these helpful safety tips when taking advantage of the great community resource.

· Never walk alone and always advise others of your whereabouts.

· Be observant of your surroundings and of other people. Avoid areas where visibility is poor. Do not block out ambient noise with headsets.

· Trust your instincts and do not walk where you feel uncomfortable.

· Wear reflective material and carry a whistle or noisemaker.

· Park in well-lit, heavily traveled areas if possible.

· Do not leave valuable items in your car. Leave them at home or lock them in your car’s trunk before arriving at your destination.

· When you approach your car, have your key ready and check the floor and the back seats before you get in.

· Be sure to carry identification (which includes name, phone number and pertinent medical information) and record your bicycle serial number. Carry coins for phone calls or take a cell phone along (completely charged). Know the locations of phone booths and open businesses in the vicinity you will visit.

· Bring plenty of water to stay hydrated.

· Wear sunscreen or clothing that protects exposed areas of skin from sunburn.

· Hike on trails only during daylight hours from sunrise to sunset.

· Remember that pedestrians (and equestrians) have the right-of-way. All trail users should stay to the right on the trail.

· Keep children close by on the trail and under control.

· Keep dogs on a leash and clean up all pet waste. Dispose of all dog waste in plastic bags in proper receptacles.

· Stay on the trail to minimize encounters with poison oak, rattlesnakes or mountain lions. Give snakes the right of way.

· Rattlesnakes will hide in shady areas; do not reach under rocks, logs, or bushes without thoroughly checking first. Check restrooms carefully before entering.

· Please call 911 for emergencies or to report criminal activities on the trails or in the parks. Program the Police Dispatch non-emergency number (760-510-5200) into your cell phone to report non-emergency trail violations.

· Stay safe and enjoy your visit!

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  • Some valid safety ideas hear, but sad that going for a walk needs to be so guarded.

    One fact that might be modified. Snakes may be under bushes, especially on a hot day. But after cold days or nights, they will lay out in the sun to warm up.

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