Curt Noland, who oversaw the development of San Elijo Hills, has died

San Marcos Mayor Jim Desmond and Curt Noland, Double Peak Park

It’s with great sadness that we report the death of Curt Noland, Vice President and Senior Development officer at HomeFed Corp (San Elijo Hills Development Company). Noland managed entitlement, design, development and sale of several HomeFed projects, including our San Elijo Hills community. Noland died Tuesday night at his Carlsbad home after a six-week battle with esophageal cancer. His contribution to our community will be missed.

Curt’s experience, artistic sense and understanding of what makes a community work, will live on in San Elijo Hills. Curt’s attention to the design details is what makes San Elijo Hills the community that it is today. He had a wonderful perspective of the design and function of classic old California and was able to tirelessly implement that in modern North County. Curt’s understanding for native vegetation and providing an extensive trail system to enjoy the amazing location where we live will serve and teach future generations. His contribution to life in The Hills will not be forgotten.

San Elijo Hills, how should we remember Curt Noland? Please post or email us your ideas.

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  • Moving to SEH from Northern California, I will say it was the charming characteristics and beautiful layout of the SEH development that enticed purchase our home. May it comfort Mr. Noland’s to know that many families in our community continue to raise our children and grow together as neighbors as a benefit from his hard work and vision.

    It seems fit to work with the developer who owns the plot of land still fenced off in the square, to carry and finish the vision shared by Mr. Noland. How? Create the Curt Noland Community Park.

    Clearly our development is going to outgrow the “square” for community gatherings and it would be nice to branch out that beautiful focal point of our development. It would also make for a convenient block off of some of the smaller one way roads during and event when food truck or other vendors visit. Making for a more organized and safe venue. The park could just be a simple plot of grass with some trees and benches or we could pay tribute to a visionary and add other amenities that would benefit our community. For example, a concrete outdoor amphitheater for events and our very own SEMS band! Also, maybe a community room of some kind with a small kitchen, for residents to reserve and rent??

    I know other developments have community rooms and it really is such a nice benefit and a form of income for our community. I know, these may sound like “big ideas” but had it not been for the “big ideas” Curt Noland helped to transform into reality we may not all be enjoying such a wonderful place to call home. Plus, are we not all tired of looking at the lump of dirt centered in the heart of our community???

    Just my two cents….

    • I think the amphitheater idea is a good one. I think he would have appreciated something outdoors that is a community gathering place where people can spend time with their family & neighbors.

      Curt was a friend and colleague of mine for over 20 years. I learned a great deal from him, and will always appreciate the time we spent together in the trenches (literally…). I mourn his passing, but I’m so happy to see that residents, and community leaders are expressing their appreciation for his efforts. Beyond his family, the communities he guided from concept to reality will be a part of his legacy. RIP my friend.

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