Daily Dalia for 5.30

When was it that Dentists became salespeople…did I miss something? Why can’t I go to the dentist without trying to be “upsold” on procedures? I can have a normal cleaning that my insurance company covers but for an extra $50 or so they will clean my teeth extra special!! Can a dentist please write in and tell me what that is all about…do you do just an OK job for what the insurance covers?  The other day the dentist wanted to charge me an extra $90 for an anti bacterial rinse they use while cleaning…I told him I would GOOGLE it first (they used some fancy name I never heard of) and let them know. What I read was that basically this rinse is Listerine, I believe Albertson’s sells that for $4.99!

I love the good old days when you walked in to the dentist office, sat in the chair and they took care of your teeth…without acting like they work for GM.


  • Why does the person at McDonalds ask, “Do you want to make it a meal?” or “Would you like to supersize that?” I guess all places of business now just try to get as much money as possible, like the true American capitalists we are.

  • debbie giordano

    Maybe you had bad breath and your dentist wanted to freshen it before you left….lol! In all, seriousness, many people are out there strictly for the money. Do you think Hermy the Elf became one of those dentists? I think not. It would not be in the Christmas spirit. Unfortunately, those dentists give the good ones a bad rap.

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