December 1st San Elijo Hills Community Association Meeting Report

The San Elijo Hills Community Association is in the process of electing new Neighborhood Representatives and one Board Member. The voting for the open Board Member seat on the San Elijo Hills Community Association is progressing. So far only one neighborhood which is Westcliff has met the quorum. The other neighborhoods will reconvene on Monday 12/5/11 with a new lower quorum threshold. It’s expected that all neighborhoods will meet quorum except Palisades (only 2 votes so far). The total number of votes is low and some neighborhoods are still in need of a Neighborhood Representative. Votes can still be cast before Monday night’s meeting. Please contact Walters Management for further information.

The Annual Meeting of Neighborhood Representatives is scheduled for December 8th at 6:00 p.m. at the San Elijo Elementary School. During this time, the Neighborhood Representatives will be asked to cast the votes of their respective neighborhoods for the election of Board Members.  They will cast an official ballot for the neighborhood that includes the votes of the neighborhood exactly as they were cast.  The HOA Board voted to appoint San Elijo Hills Development declarant and current Board Member Hale Richardson as the Neighborhood Representative for neighborhood whose representatives do not show up, or neighborhoods that do not have a representative.  The goal is to not disenfranchise any voters. This is a procedural change from the last widely contested board election and recall. The goal is to have all the votes counted.

The manager’s report included discussion on the reversal of the payment holiday for HOA fees. The Board had recently voted to provide a dues payment holiday for December HOA fees but recanted this vote after presented with new substantial expenses surrounding changes in the laws for brush clearing in the common areas. The Board had approved payment holiday at it’s September meeting based on 2 years of being under budget.

New benches and tables have been installed in the SEH fountain park. The powder coated metal furniture is built to survive vandalism. The surviving teak furniture has been placed in the community including the Calistoga Community garden. SEH and other North County Communities are being hit hard by theft and vandalism of metal entry monuments at some trailheads and neighborhoods. All such monuments in SEH are being repaired.

10 applications have been received for the 30 opens spots in the San Elijo Hills Community Gardens. Residents can still sign up for a plot. Please contact SEH Community Manager Christine Hurdle no later than Friday, December 16th. Lottery winners will be notified the week of December 19th. Please email Christine at

Approximately 1800 San Elijo Hills Residents attend the San Elijo Hills Oktoberfest event and the event was under budget.

The Board received homeowner input about crime and safety concerns. As a general statement the SEH community was reminded to file a report with the sheriff office for all crimes, car break-ins, excessive speeding etc.. The Sheriff’s office needs accurate statistics to effectively manage patrols in San Elijo Hills. Concern was expressed  to the Board regarding lack of Sheriff presence in San Elijo Hills in recent months. Residents are urged to call the City of San Marcos and the Sheriff office and request more Sheriff patrols for San Elijo Hills. Management also made the point that historically the Sheriff has found that a high percentage of the speeders are SEH residents.


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