Developing story San Elijo Hills: Deputies in pursuit of parolee near Copper Creek apts. and Albertson’s

San Elijo Hills: Deputies in pursuit of parolee near Copper Creek apts. and Albertson’s. The suspect is a parolee who ran from deputies. They lost track of him near the campus the two schools share.

Here are some Twitter updates in a timeline:

RT @SEH911: San Elijo Hills: Deputies in pursuit of parolee near Copper Creek apts. and Albertson’s

Suspect Info (CALL 911 if sighted): HM 25YO 6 FT 250 BLK JACKET WHT BALL CAP and JEANS, may be in Cyn east of ALbertson’s

SEH schools locked down. Await instructions from school administrators. Do not come to school.(for pick up or Drop off) ALL Students are safe

RT @seh911: K-9 still tracking for suspect.

Further suspect info: Large Tatoo on front of neck. Wearing shorts and white t-shirt. May have left area with a woman.

Per witness: may have left area(1+ hr ago) w/ woman in Tan 4 DR Dodge Stratus 4XPY648 and now wearing BLK HAT Wht/ORG shirt, flannel shorts

Individual in vehicle NOT the suspect (different person with Tatoos on neck at apartments)


Lockdown is released for San Elijo Middle and San Elijo Elementary

Note suspect has not been located. CALL 911 if sighted: HM 25YO 6 FT 250 BLK JACKET WHT BALL CAP, JEANS Large tattoo on neck.

PER SEH911 Parolee was wanted for being a parolee in possession of firearm. He fled deputies. He is now a parolee at large (PAL)

Here is response to question about if Albertsons was held up: There is nothing to confirm this. The Sheriff DID search Albertsons as they thought he may be in there.(Per SEH911)

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  • What did this guy do???

  • Yes, I would like to know what this person is on parole for. And if he is on parole, why is he now wanted again? My kids are at school and locked down. Us parents would like to know what is going on!

  • I have just gotten a few texts from my son. He’s in 5th grade at San Elijo Elem. He said they are all locked in their classrooms and have been for about 45 min. He said he can hear helicopters above the school. He was terrified, as he had no clue why they were on lock down.

  • I found out trying to drop my kids off. Meanwhile, as I am leaving the school there are still elementary students walking around alone between Albertsons and SEES unaware that they were in the middle of a manhunt or that the school would be closed when they reached the top of the hill. I assume that the reason for the lock down is bc the guy is dangerous — there are sheriffs with assault rifles watching the woods SE side of San Elijo Rd. — so why isn’t someone rounding up those kids or at least at the corner by the middle school telling them to go home?

    I understand that this is an unplanned event. When I got to the school, the sheriff’s dept. had not told school staff what the lock down was for, but I was seriously worried about the children wandering around the neighborhood.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. There was no one at the crosswalks or even in front of the school. I saw so many kids just wandering around not knowing what to do. So many parents drop their kids off at the top of the hill as soon as they cross San Elijo Rd. There wasn’t anyone there to tell them not to let their kids go to school. I was really scared for those kids that were walking by themselves. We should definitely try to promote safe houses for kids in case of emergencies like this. We had signs in our windows in our neighborhood where we used to live, letting kids know that it was a safe place for them to go, in case of an emergency. Background checks, of course, were completed on all adults living in the households. Might not be a bad idea, since so many kids walk by themselves and so many kids have working parents.

  • Was dropping off my daughter in the drop off lane at the Elementary School and the lady told me we were under a Tornado watch. Finally got some straight news. Thank you!

  • The recorded phone call from the school said that they cannot admit or release students until the lock down is lifted. If a second grader shows up at the school, do they really send him home knowing that there is some significant danger out there? If so, that is a policy that needs to be looked at.

  • SEH911: from 9:40am Further suspect info: Large Tatoo on front of neck. Wearing shorts and white t-shirt. May have left area with a woman.

  • I was told the same thing, but it makes sense not to alarm the kids in the car, or cause a panic during drop off.

  • what did this guy do??? why were they looking for him??

  • After being turned away from the school, I stopped on the side of the road and told children who where walking to school alone to go back home. I think that in the future there needs to be a better plan for the children that are on the way to school by themselves. Maybe district employees or police officers should be place strategically around the school to round up the children so that they are kept safe. I would hate to think what could have happened to these young students if this person would have needed a shield or hostage. It’s times like these that make me thankful that I am able to drive my children to and from the school.

  • “Per witness: may have left area(1+ hr ago) w/ woman in Tan 4 DR Dodge Stratus 4XPY648 and now wearing BLK HAT Wht/ORG shirt, flannel shorts

    Individual in vehicle NOT the suspect (different person with Tatoos on neck at apartments)


    Totally confused. If the guy who left in Dodge turned out to be the wrong guy, is the real suspect still around here? Or were they always looking for Mr. Wrong?

    • He is still at large. Sheriff searched apartment of owner of Dodge and found another man matching suspect (6 foot, tatoos on neck, whit ball cap) description but not the parolee.

      Nice apartments

  • this is all that the NC Times has to say about this:

    Never mind that we have children in the area. Give me a break. We need more info. and FAST.

    • FYI-
      Parolee was wanted for being a parolee in possession of firearm. He fled deputies and that is what started all this. He is now deemed a PAL (parolee at large)

      • Was he actually in possession in the neighborhood? In other words, did they seem with the gun or was he already wanted for the parole violation and they just happened to see him in SEH and he ran?

  • how come we never really know whats going on around here?????

  • how come we never really know what is going on around here??

  • “Never mind that we have children in the area. Give me a break. We need more info. and FAST.”

    Hah hah — never mind? Wow.

  • So, would it be wiser for us to keep our kids home today based upon the fact that there is potential for another lock down? If the guy is at large, with a history of firearm use, does it really make sense to send a child into the perimeter of where he was last seen?! It’s one day of lost school for safety’s sake.

  • I just dropped my kids off at school. I am sure that the suspect is no longer in the area. He would have to be pretty dumb to stick around. Though I suppose he probably isn’t the smartest bulb on the tree to begin with. I feel that my kids are probably just as safe at school as they would be at home. I will pick them up after school so no worries about them walking home.

  • Unfortuantely, this guy and/or his “friends” live in our community. There is nothing we can do about it. We see them around. This is the political problem in forcing a developer to put in low-income apartments in an upper-scal community. Some hard-working needy familes get them, but so do the gang members, etc. San Elijo had NO graffiti until those apartments came in. This is not a judgment, just fact. People can make up their own judgments.

    • Are you for real? Seriously I would expect more from a so called SEH authority. Yes they may live here, but just because we live in SEH doesn’t mean we aren’t immune from bad things. Bad things happen everywhere.

    • You really think the only people who cause problems around here are those who live in the low income apartments? Car break-ins in some of our “upscale” neighborhoods have been the work of some of the “rich kids” who live there, so enough with the racism and stereotyping.

  • How come every time there is a crime in SEH it is a Mexican?

  • The police mentioned murder to us. Not sure if this was true about parolee or just loose lips even though he was an officer. There were also two tornados in the area. Unfortunate coincidence. These scenarios happen too often here for my liking (ie. the kidnapper near the school a few months back.)

    • What do you mean, kidnapper near the school and how do we not know this as parents. Could you fill me in on that incident. How about the guy that hung himself outside of the nursery school? My kids had to see him being loaded into the coroner’s car on the way to school. Then we heard absolutely nothing about that!

  • I am very proud of our schools and how they responded to this situation. The teachers kept the students calm and the administration communicated with parents as the morning progressed.

  • i agree. i live in morgan’s corner, a mere block from the guy who hanged himself. and i heard that through the grapevine. no news source reported it, nothing. it’s insane how sterlized they keep the bad news that happens in SEH. like i linked before, the NC Times had a mere few obscure sentences about this lockdown. not a clue was given to the nature of the situation. chances are, we’ll never get the full story. as parents, we need to know every single detail so we know how to protect our kids.

  • If you want to know anything…. go to the Albertson’s. I have a family member that works there and it seems to be the hub of the town. That is how we found about the kidnapper, the hanging, the robbery at Chevron, etc.

  • HA! so just ask any one of the cashiers? good to know.

  • I have two kids at San Elijo elementary school. Although I don’t always agree with school or San Marcos District policies, I believe that Principal McDonnell and Mrs. Kalicki, as well as all the teachers and support staff at SEES treat the students safety as paramount. I feel my children are very safe when at school. If I was a bad guy/girl, I wouldn’t want to go up against Kalicki or McDonell–they are tough ladies! Also, I’d like to think that the reason we are aware of unfortunate incidences in our community is because we ARE given relevant information. Everything I’ve heard in this situation leads me to believe that both the sheriff’s department and the schools acted quickly and concisely in locking down the schools. It is unfortunate that some students were apparently not at home or at school in lockdown. I like the one poster’s idea that safe houses are established for children caught in the middle. Also, there could be a volunteer parent committee which goes out to collect those students and return them home or contact their parents.
    Finally, just because a few of the apartment dwellers sport their gang affiliations, prison tattoos as proof of breaking the law or having done so at one time, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t worse offenders living in Westcliffe, Sagewood, Morgan’s Corner and any other SE Hills Community. You just don’t know who they are.

    • This morning when I was waiting to make a left onto Schoolhouse Way, I saw Mrs. Kalicki running with walkie in hand notifying some kids and a parent who where waiting on the other side of the street. Since the light there is long, she didn’t hesitate to stop oncoming uphill traffic on her own. It was raining and she acted swiftly! Her actions alerted me that there was potential danger in midst! I had no idea what was happening. I was aware of the helicopter but didn’t hear its broadcast. We were driving into the situation without a clue. I drove away ASAP and had a school announcement waiting for me on my home phone. I praise the school for their actions today.
      I concur with safe houses and adult/parent community monitors. I’ll volunteer!

    • Thank you Tiffany for your level-headed post. I agree that the deputies and schools are given the pertinent information and facts. To many people hear things through the grapevine and rumors run rampant.

  • I don’t think we should be scrutinizing how the schools handled the lock down. The school personnel is trained year round on how to handle a lockdown situation. If the students are on campus, they make sure every student is accounted for and lock all doors, close blinds, etc.

    Because this incident happened while the students were getting to school, the staff did not have the opportunity to be outside to make sure the students were safely going home. When they say “lockdown” at school, all staff have to lock down their rooms, they are not to be outside..they also have to be safe. The staffs job is to make sure that the students ON CAMPUS are safe, the students that are walking to school are the “communities” responsiblity. This is when we need to rely on eachother who are walking our children to school to not let any children who are by themselves continue to wander. It is also up to the sherrif’s to make sure that the children get home.

    It is funny to me how we are so quick to judge the schools. They did their job. They locked down, informed the parents (to the best of their knowledge of what was going on) and made sure the students ON CAMPUS were safe.

    • Of course we should scrutinize how our schools handle safety situations like lockdowns. It’s how we keep our children safe and create new and better safety rules. Being an informed citizenry is of the utmost importance. Let’s not just stick our heads in the sand and say, the school’s are handling it. That’s lazy, not smart. Also, the schools are not safe, they let anyone pick up your child without showing ID or being on a list. That’s basic child safety. They even do that at the YMCA summer camps, so they should certainly do it at a public school.

  • I am not a member of any authority just a private citizen. I have simply tried to get out the info. that so many people have been seeking.

    I did not and will not refer to race, as that is NOT the issue. My reply was a general reference to the thought that if they catch this guy, we are all safe. Also, I do not believe that criminals/parolees/gang members only live in low income apartments. Plenty of residents in gated communities in SEH have seen their neighbors involed in domestic disputes, etc.

    I do stand by the premise that there is a higher concentration of criminals/parolees/gang members in certain types of housing. This has been a politcal debate ever since the state mandated low-income housing. This is simply a fact that is confirmed by the sheriff dispatch records and other public records. If that is OK with you, I respect your opinion.

    One problem with getting this type of informatoin out is that the same people who want to know find out its not so pretty and maybe its easier not to know what really goes on around us everyday.

    • No, you specifically said that San Elijo Hills had NO graffiti until the apartments came in, and that’s simply not true. You’re painting a bunch of people with the same brush, and that’s unfortunate.

  • Good post. I gotcha the first time. Thanks for fleshing it out for some.

  • Thank you for keeping this up to date. I am a stay at home mom and with my 15 month old with me it was nice to find some information on why a helicopter was overhead blaring information and why there were sheriff’s everywhere.

    • We will try to keep updates on safety information that is important to those at SEH, such as: deputies currently responding to a burglary (details delayed until code 4.)

  • As both a mother of a child at San Elijo Elementary and a resident of the Copper Creek Apartments I feel the need to contribute. I have lived in said apartments for nearly 5 years and have NEVER had anything negative happen to me or my son. I am a working, white, single mother who is relieved to have an affordable place to live since I am not one of those fortunate to have two incomes to afford such lovely homes as the others in the area… I feel the need to defend our apartments AND our two schools being as there are so many quick to lay blame.

    I was in the office with many of the staff while they were being bombarded with an unending amount of phone calls, all the time trying to manage a very large group of confused parents and children, while trying to assess the situation and do what they felt was right for the safety of their students. I applaud them all with the way they handled the situation and you should all feel very lucky that your children are left every day in such capable hands!

    As far as the apartments go I am appalled that people would think that just because they went in, graffiti started being put up and gang members appeared!!!! I mean, seriously people, we live in San Marcos; those two things have existed IN San Marcos long before “San Elijo Hills” existed. I have lived in San Marcos for 20 years and the diversity, not only in ethnicity, but in economic class has been nothing but an enriching and positive part of my life. I would think that the forward thinking people I have met in this community would embrace the fact that their children are surrounded by and exposed to all walks of life. Shame on you who think that these apartments are a “nuisance” when really they are a wonderful, safe, affordable haven to those of us who are not as fortunate as some of you. Just because we live there doesn’t mean we aren’t as educated, hardworking, or worse off than any of you… We are just trying to make the best out of the hands we’ve been dealt in life!

    • SEHMom makes many valid points. If any residents have any concerns about Copper Creek, they can contact the developer/manager, Bridge Housing at Bridge Housing is California’s leading affordable housing development partner. When Bridge Housing held an information session in March, 2005, San Elijo residents expressed concerns about how Bridge would ensure against renting to parolees, registered sex offenders and illegal immigrants. Bridge assured the audience at that time that their screening process, credit requirements and job history requirements are very stringent. Bridge also reminded the audience that a landlord must adhere to state and federal housing laws and may not discriminate against an applicant solely on their criminal background or residency status.
      I have had the opportunity to meet residents of Copper Creek over the years and find them to be no different from the residents of the surrounding communities. As SEHMom stated, the residents of Copper Creek are no different from the other residents in San Elijo Hills. They are gainfully employed, have aspirations of success for themselves and their families and contribute postively to the community.

      It also naive to believe that criminals and registered sex offenders do not live in the other communities. They do.

      There but for the grace of God go I…..

  • Instead of trying to lay blame, let us as a community try to make something good happen out of this morning’s events. First and foremost our schools did an unbelievable job at getting those children, who were already at school, to safety and kept them safe. I can’t imagine how panicked they must have been and I am sure they too were worried about the many children who were still enroute to school (especially those unaccompanied by an adult). But, there still was not anyone of authority at the entrances to school telling people to go home. There should have been a police officer or even a firefighter or someone at the crosswalk on San Elijo Rd. Children should not have been allowed to walk down the ramp or up School House Way when the school was already in lockdown. The gates should have been closed on School House Way as well. People should not have been allowed to drive up either. What really concerns me is that there were children wandering around after lockdown and in the same area where the police officers all had their assault riffles. Very scary that the PAL was also armed. God forbid if he needed a hostage and happened to come upon one of our children. Maybe because we know that it is so safe here in SEH that we get too comfortable. I don’t think any child should be walking to or from school alone no matter where you live. Maybe we should really put things into action and help our community and schools to protect our children. I already walk children to school because their parents are unable. Let’s get a few more adults who are willing to volunteer and let’s talk about safehouses in case of emergencies or even natural disasters! Maybe we could even have some volunteers just meeting kids in the park or on the way up to school and making sure they get there. Just some ideas from a concerned Mom!

  • I acknowledge that you provide a valuable service by disseminating information to the community. However, your comment that “This is the political problem in forcing a developer to put in low-income apartments in an upper-scal [sic] community” had nothing to do with a parolee evading the sheriffs and causing a school lockdown. It appeared to me, and others, that your comment indicated we should not have any low-income housing in our “upper-scale” community. I do feel, like the resident of Copper Creek, that my family benefits from living with people of all colors, races, religions and incomes.
    I also feel fortunate that, only by accident of birth and the luck of the draw that I get to live in a nice house with nice neighbors and a good school and don’t have to worry about money.
    Perhaps, in order to ensure that no undesirables invade our community, we should establish some sort of camp in a rural area where the low-income population can live until they can afford to buy their own home. Of course, they would be permitted to leave the camp by bus so they could be sure to arrive at their Starbucks job in time to serve you your latte.

    • Typical liberal BS. If you love diversity so much why don’t you go live in Southeast San Diego? How about Compton? It’s just as safe as La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe or SEH right? Just a bunch of hard working people looking to better themselves and their communities right? What a joke.

      • I… oh, you’re the charmer who said, “How come every time there’s a crime in SEH, it’s a Mexican.” I’ll assume you’re one of those people who says outrageous things on chat sites just to get a rise out of people. Or if you’re serious, you’re just one of those people who doesn’t make the world a better place to live.

      • I agree. Go home illegals!!

  • By the way, the PAL is still at large and my neighbors’ house was broken into today and they were robbed. We are in Cedar Crossing! People, just be aware and keep your doors locked and play it safe! The police do not think that the incidents were related.

  • Thank you SEH911. We would not have ANY info outside of you. Let us not forget that we are all members of this great community. We need to work together to keep everyone safe. That being said, this is raising awareness in the event that a school lock down happens again. For those with children in attendance at our schools, try opening a dialog with administrators to find out their policy and how you can help. Comments to the effect of how bad the schools handled this will get us nowhere. We need the help of the whole community for this to work 100%. Make a difference!

  • SEH911 is just concerned citizens who want to make the people of SEH aware of public safety issues. The website and twitter feed was started to answer the questions we all have: what was the Sheriff, fire, etc doing today? and to try to get SEH more proactive and involved as volunteers in the community.

    While it appears to have spurred on helath comments and opinion, SEH911 does not have a political or social agenda apart from improving public safety and emergency preparedness. The comment was by an individual but does not reflect the views of SEH911 as a whole. We will continue to strive to only present timely factual information of importance to SEH.

    • Thanks SEH911. If it weren’t for your twitters I follow in my cell, I could have spent the whole day without knowing about this. My soon walked to SEMS and I droped off my daughter at SEES, just before all this started. I just got to work when received messages and tried to call school but no luck. I drove back home and I had the messages from school in answering machine. I followed this thread and twitters to keep me in the loop until I received the message from school about lifting the lockdown.

      This is the second time this week your twitters have been helpful for me. When you informed about the squall line coming our way, I decided to drive home and just a block away, the hail hit me.

      Keep up the good work SEH911, maintain neighbors informed promptly.

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