Dexter’s Deli Closing San Elijo Hills Store

Dexter’s Deli has sent out an email announcing they will be closing their San Elijo Hills location. This is sad news for San Elijo Hills, and a reminder we need to support the local merchants that we all clamoured for. What would you like to see next?


  • How about an actual deli for people? 😉

  • Drat. I’ve been buying all my cat food from them, doing my best to support them.

  • I wasn’t going to pay for high price cat food. We need an actually deli or other food service. We shouldn’t be so picky about having small mom & pops. Franchises are fine with me too. We need to fill the town center leases, so they will proceed in finishing/building the town center.

  • So sorry to see Dexters go….its a SAD sign of the times!! I own a very large retail business also and business is slow. I’ve shopped at the Dexter’s Del Mar location for years. Maybe if this community delivered all that they promised from their fancy sales center back in 2003 ….Dexters would have survived…maybe more business’s would have come!? Where is our town center we were promised? Remove the freaking fences and start building!

  • I have lived here since it was a winding dirt road! One of the first! They priomised a GOLF COURSE…WAY BACK!…never happened…they promised a TENNIS CLUB…never happened….THEN they CONSINDERED a community pool erea. Never happened…”THEY” the developers made MILLIONS in the boom and left us with dirt acres! LOVE living here but we got bamboozled! Once things turn around our Tennis club or community pool area will be condos I’m sure and we will be bamboozed again!

  • What would we like to see next? How about a Survival Gear Store?

  • As I predicted when they announced this store…

  • a sushi place

  • Dexter’s Deli wouldn’t support local SEH events simply by adding a flyers to their window so in my opinion they got what they deserved.

  • Take out Chinese would be nice!

  • why exactly should we “support” a poor business idea? how about a business/service that people actually NEED? oh wait, this is san elijo hills–land of the wannabe rich and cookie-cutter suburbia lifestyle. we’ll probably end up with something equally useless and overpriced. i specifically avoid businesses in SEH because i can’t stand the un-parented brat children screaming everywhere.

  • We thought that Dexters would be overpriced, but after comparing the products we use, it turned out that they were cheaper. If everyone in the community would have done the same thing, this business may not have failed. How sad considering the nail salon is ridiculously expensive and they seem to be doing o.k.. I refuse to go there based on their inflated pricing. It will be difficult to get new businesses in after one has already failed.

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