Dining Listing for San Elijo Hills and San Marcos

Mama Kat’s
950 West San Marcos Blvd
Grandpa Allens has changed its name to Mama Kat’s, Kat has owned Grandpa s since 1994 and has created the great food and excellent service everyone has come to know and love. .

Hacienda de Vega
2608 S Escondido Blvd
Escondido, CA 92025
760 738-9804



801 South Twin Oaks Valley Rd # 101
San Marcos, CA 92078760-798-4280

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  • What happened to the pastry shop (isabelle briens)?? Did they go out of biz or were they shown the door?

  • I suspect the SEH visitor center building has closed escrow.
    The cafe sign is down, but it looked like cafe was open on Saturday?
    The cafe has been subsidized by San Elijo Development/HomeFed…not sure what the future has in store for a cafe, the new owner of building is sending mixed messages. It will be sad to see the cafe go!

  • Has anyone been to the new cafe?

    • The new cafe is really good. A lot of healthy selections. Great salads and sandwiches. A really good variety.

  • Tried out the new cafe about three weeks ago. Ordered a greek salad and received a ceasar drowned in dressing. Was in a hurry to do a school drop off, so I had to just deal with it.

    Bottom line, not impressed.

  • I also tried out the new cafe. The windows were filthy, tables were not cleaned, someone came over to wipe off a table after a family left, but didn’t straighten the chairs or clean the carpet where food had spilled. I will not go back.

  • We also tried the new the new cafe last weekend. The food was very good but the place was filthy. Even though we were one of two customers and there were 3 women behind the counter along with the owner sitting at the bar on her laptop, the tables, chairs and floors were not cleaned. We had to clean our own table in full view of the staff and no one helped nor did they feel complelled to clean the other 2 tables. They could use a refresher course on how to clean up after their guests, otherwise, the place is history. Makes me wonder how clean the kitchen is etc.

    PS: If I were the owner, I would remove the window tinting for foot traffic to see activity inside and install awnings on the windows to make the place more inviting.

  • I saw an application for an alcohol license taped up on the window. is that so they can serve alcohol at the cafe or will it be changing to something else soon? i also heard that you couldn’t serve alcohol within 600 feet of a school. isn’t this too close?

  • Is the Cafe still open? I am new to town and didn’t see it??? Also I would like to know how to have my business published under the SEH directory?

  • Cafe is still open, has alcohol now, was there at breakfast. This will be the second time I’ve tried it. The first time my order was not right. The next time, I and my husband both got sick. I will not return and look forward to a better coffee shop. I would love to see a Coffee Bean, but I know this is just dreaming. I noticed a week earlier some paper and garbage on the floor, since that time it remained.

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  • Can we talk about Hendos?!! It has truly been such a disappointment. I will say that the food has improved since they first opened, but the wine list and atmosphere have not. Our family was looking forward to a place we could go to once a week, but we go elsewhere. For one, they really need to serve better wines by the glass. I went on Saturday night with some friends and we sat out on the patio. The lights were glaring bright and everyone agreed the wine was awful. They need to dim the lights at night outside and put some candles on the tables. If they just made some simple changes, it would be a place we would love to be at often. It’s sad because it looks so dead all the time. We really don’t need another business to fail. I would love for them to step it up a bit and make some changes for the better.

  • I have noticed such a change at Hendo’s lately. They recently got new management and it seems to have made such a big difference – new menu, better beer and wine selections and MUCH friendlier staff. Wasn’t impressed before but my opinion has certainly shifted. I agree that we need a busines in San Elijo to succeed – let’s hope they keep the great work up!