Firefighters, Sheriff’s Deputies Denounce Proposition O

San Marcos, CA – Mike Korby, President of the San Marcos Firefighters Association, and Ernie Carrillo, President of the Deputy Sheriffs Association of San Diego County, came together today at a press conference in front of Fire Station #1 to urge residents to vote no on Proposition O on November 4th.

“As President of the Firefighters Association, I want to share with everyone why we believe Prop O is a colossal mistake,” said Korby. “We are fortunate to have the best fire fighting equipment and the best, most professional firefighters. This helps us save lives and property,” said Korby. “Prop O jeopardizes funding for our department. If our funds our cut, it would threaten our ability to provide the high level of service residents expect from us,” he said.

“The City of San Marcos is one of the safest Cities in San Diego County,” said Carrillo. “To maintain that level of safety, the city needs a strong, healthy and balanced city budget. Revenues to keep that budget healthy depend on a strong local economy and Prop O would cost the City a half a billion dollars in lost economic activity, tax revenues and local jobs,” he said.

“Prop O would also block the traffic improvements that have helped decrease our response times throughout the City,” said Korby. “More traffic congestion under Prop O translates into slower responses to emergencies. These reasons are why the San Marcos Firefighters Association strongly opposes Prop O,” he said.

“Our Deputy Sheriffs Association has a big stake in keeping the cities we serve safe. As a consequence we have a big stake in keeping those cities healthy and vibrant,” said Carrillo. “That’s why the Deputy Sheriffs Association of San Diego County strongly opposes Prop O,” he said.

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Editors Note -we have requested input 2 times from yes on O with no response so far.

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