• The service has been good except for the deli department which has been very marginal at best. They are slow and not very friendly. The checker’s have been great as well as the other staff.

  • Helpful pharmacy department..

    Albertsons is still a supermarket; healthfood market would be better.

  • Prices have gotten better than they were originally. Staff are helpful. The freshbaked goods in the bakery, however, leave a lot to be desired. The muffins are hard and dry and several occasions.

    I agree the Deli service is bad and in most cases I find prices higher then other local chains. I also find staff uninformed of promotions and a bit lack luster. I also think inventory is off target, Charger gear but no nylons?

  • Except for the deli, I find the service to be pretty good. Also, I rarely see more than two registers open at any given time, but that’s most likely a result of what is still relatively light traffic in the store. Yes, the prices may be a little high, but the convenient location, the fact that I can walk there, and my desire to support retail in SEH will continue to make it my grocery of choice.

  • We shop there a couple of times a week…..
    we hope the deli service improves….
    the pharmacy staff is extraordinary!!!!
    the produce is over-priced! Henry’s is much cheaper and better quality!

  • The Pharmacy is good as other say, but the young people that work there are rude and not very willing to be helpful or courteous to their customers.

  • The service at Albertsons is good, however I find it EXPENSIVE! The prices are higher compared to other stores.

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