Letter to the Editor,

The other day I read an editorial by three individuals with 57 years of experience in serving the needs of the community in the past. While we appreciate the service that these individuals have done in the past, San Marcos has moved forward. A new type of leadership is required to help continue to move the district forward into the 21st century.

Stacy Carlson has a strong background in community service. She fought to help protect seniors from predatory lending practices that were encouraged by those in finance, has volunteered for MDA, helps to mentor foster youth and serves on the Proposition K Oversight Committee. Stacy has a strong background in the field of science and technology and runs a successful small business that reflects the future. She will bring these skills and abilities to serve the students of San Marcos Unified and the community of San Marcos.

Pam Lindamood has an exceptional record as a current school board member. She has been a member of the community and involved in San Marcos schools for over 20 years. Her selfless dedication to San Marcos Unified School District, her background in Fine Arts, and her desire to continue to lead SMUSD into a 21st century school district, shows her dedication to our students and schools. Pam Lindamood has shown the proven leadership to continue to improve our community.

Both of these candidates will place the needs of the children and community first in order to facilitate the continued the growth of SMUSD into a vibrant 21st century school district. The teachers of San Marcos Unified, as well as the faculties of CSUSM and Palomar College, strongly support both of these candidates for San Marcos School Board.

As teachers, members of the community, and parents of school age children, we are looking for individuals to represent us, who will show strong leadership in our community, as well as preparing our students for a successful transition into the 21st century. I hope you will join us in voting for Stacy Carlson and Pam Lindamood for San Marcos School Board.

For more information, go to www.Carlson4smusd.com and www.pamlindamood.com


Damon and Janet Gidner

Teachers, SEH Residents, and Parents



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