Live Blogging San Elijo Hills Attendance area Meeting


Resident wants more transparency, want community input, implying kids are not necessarily being
Considered. Asked for audience to stand if you agree.

2 kids are reading a letter to the district about not wanting to go to new school and asking for community to come together.

The meeting is ending and the district thanks everyone for the feedback and have heard your Concerns. They will bring this to the other members and will provide information to the applicable principals regarding next steps.

Please comment on our website and share your ideas. Thank you for following us tonight.


  • Thank you so much for sending such detailed information about the meeting. My husband was there but it was nice for me to feel part of the process as I read your postings. I hope we can all find a solution that still allows us to feel as one community.

    Maria Jose Zeledon

  • Having kids walking along San Elijo road to reach the new K8 school would be a safety hazard .The road is not well protected, drivers are speeding at an average speed of 60 mph in that downhill and curvy section.
    With the very limited space and location for the new school, it won’t be easy to provide easy drop offs or parking and it will create traffic jam in a dangerous location of SE road.
    The school is in the middle of nowhere, definitely not the place you want to see kids by themselves walking back to their homes…
    To be successful a school has to be built in a middle of a community, not in a remote location along a busy road in between mountain lions and rattlesnakes…

  • I attended last night’s meeting. I have been a SEES parent for 6 years now. The School District Staff did a good job at the begining explaining the history of the district boundaries, taxes, CFD, SEH, proposed site, etc. The community speakers were passionate about their objections or concerns to the currently proposed solution. However, what annoyed me most about last night was how rude several of the speakers and audience hecklers were towards the District. Sarcastic, condescending and accusatory remarks made by several speakers were simply ridiculous. These people were insulting and verbally attacking. Only one woman (who said she lived in SEH for 10-11 years) presented her concerns with facts, rationality and decorum. I agree the District failed in the communication of meetings and underrepresented and overgeneralized our community. They should also delay decision. I hope the kids of the rude speakers were not there last night to see the way their parents speak to others; not an example of civility for sure.

    • I heard the same thing from my husband who attended last night. He couldn’t believe the tone of some of the speakers. He said it was embarrassing. I also heard they had children speaking at the meeting saying how they don’t want to go to a new school. I would never want to subject my child to that. What if they end up having to go to the new school? I have to say that if they want their concerns to be looked upon favorably, they will get more flies with honey!!

  • I still like my idea the best- expand the elementary school into what is now the middle school and make the new school wholly a middle school.

  • I am glad you like it- can you help spread the word then?( Facebook etc). Sure some parents will have 1 more drop off but I can think of no other way to ease crowding and preserve community at the same time.

    • I do like the idea of making SEES and SEMS both elementary schools but the issue with the new K-8 being just a middle school is traffic. You would be bringing the non-SEH students (ie…La Costa area) that are slated to go to SEMS all they way up the hill, through the community to get down to the school. San Elijo Road is already bad and so many in this fight are bringing up the traffic issues.

  • Agree A2 about the traffic. Its too bad these last stages in the SEH buildout is making the area a less desirable place to live. Another alternative could be to add another story to the existing school buildings/ shoehorn a few classrooms here and there?

  • Clearly a bait and switchh

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