Lively San Marcos council meeting results in code of conduct approval

By Linda Lou-Union-Tribune Staff Writer-2:00 a.m. January 29, 2009

SAN MARCOS — Following an often-heated debate about political ethics, the San Marcos City Council approved a “code of conduct” calling for respect, honest communication and upholding the public trust. Before the council unanimously adopted the good-conduct standards Tuesday night, however, residents and council members spent the better part of an hour recalling recent and long-ago disputes and trading allegations about questionable behavior.

The two-page code will be “self-policed” and apply to council members, city employees and members of city advisory panels.The issue spilled over from the November election, during which Councilman Mike Preston and his wife, Luanne Hulsizer, campaigned against the re-election of Councilwoman Rebecca Jones. Preston and Hulsizer carried signs and distributed fliers describing Jones as “a puppet” of Mayor Jim Desmond. Jones, who was appointed in 2007 with Desmond’s backing, easily won election. Earlier this month, Preston and Hulsizer accused the mayor of trying to get Hulsizer, chief executive officer of the Poway Chamber of Commerce, in trouble during the campaign. The couple said Desmond called Poway’s mayor and complained that Hulsizer was using her work e-mail for politics. Hulsizer had forwarded an e-mail written by her husband to the Republican Central Committee asking that it not endorse Jones or Councilman Hal Martin.

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